Atlantic Antic 2008 Open Thread

Flickr photo by wesleyrosenblum

Flickr photo by wesleyrosenblum

Did you go to the Atlantic Antic yesterday?  Have fun? What was your highlight? Comment below!

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  • Lindsey

    We got a few pictures too.

    Check them out here:

    Great coverage!

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    Another fantastic Antic … Lots of great food, and great live music, particularly Les sans Culottes at Last Exit.

  • lifer

    I thought it was hilarious that the “stop the jail” people got a table right in front of the doors of the house of detention…

  • Adam G

    Funnel cake!

  • karl

    Fun festival. Marred by too many people hawking political causes that can only serve to divide Brooklynites in a time where we all need to get along. Why have a festival where every few yards someone is telling you about their G*# D@#$%d politics? On the up side, the lady singing the “iced tea song” the whole time was awesome. It was great that many of the stores had tables, and that Sahadi’s was open on a Sunday.

  • BreukelenMeisje

    I thought it was a great day out on Atlantic, as well. And, yes, the ice tea lady was, indeed, all kinds of fabulous. My friends and I were a bit annoyed by the cops who were lurking around the beer stands preventing us from taking advantage of what used to be our annual opportunity to stroll and sip. I actually didn’t mind the political hawking all that much; that’s obviously what makes the U.S. the U.S., and it is certainly what makes Brooklyn Brooklyn. At least many of the groups were registering people, instead of sitting around and complaining. Considering that we were attending a huge public gathering at a time when elections are only weeks away, um, what does Karl expect? The ‘talking politics divides’ argument is a total cop out, but whatever. Anyhow, I thought it was a great (though brief) opportunity for neighborhood businesses to get a leg up in this slagging economy, and an even better opportunity for Brooklynites of all ages and walks of life to get together with their neighbors and just hang. Viva la Atlantic Antic!

  • Just a Neighbor

    My first Antic and my friends and I LOVED it..pulled pork sandwiches on Bond Street, grilled corn and soul food, for starters. Wow.

    I am now responsible for saving the canal, stopping the jail, doing something relating to the new park and ensuring that Obama, Biden and their related burgers and gelatos are in office.

    A suggestion to those walking itty-bitty sized dogs..don’t get mad when your pet unintentionally becomes a soccer ball at the Antic..we nearly tripped over several of them.

    Anyone get the name of the band that was playing in front of Floyd’s? I caught them around 5-6 p.m., they were fantastic..

    Never got the foot massage and was sorry at the end, could have used it.

    Iiiiicceeeed Teeeeeeaaaaaa….

  • Teddie Boy Eddie

    Ypu mean across the street from Floyd (I don’t think anyone was playing in front of Floyd)? If so, it was Les Sans Culottes, and they are great.

  • ABC

    I wanted to talk to the prison people — I am against taxpayers building a new one when we have one right here, near the courts — but with little kids who think the antic is for funnel cakes, I had to walk by. Too bad since I really would like to hear their rational for building elsewhere and transporting the prisoners here.

  • joe

    I didn’t go this year. A friend called to say the food wasn’t as varied and overall lamer than usual due to the constraint on drinking in public so I didn’t bother getting out of my PJs on a rainy day. Also when is Hancos going to participate. Love their sandwiches.