Open Thread, Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Big news on this day, May 2, 1900. According to a headline in the Brooklyn Eagle, “Edna Is Not Insane.” The story reveals that Brooklyn physicians failed to agree with Manhattan experts who examined Edna Wade after her mother charged the child of “being wayward.” Following examination, the Children’s Society declared, “There was nothing in the girl’s actions to lead to the slightest suspicion she was mentally unbalanced.” The reason Edna was declared nuts: She refused to eat.

And so, on this Open Thread Wednesday, let us break bread together and share what’s on our collective minds. But please, don’t get all crazy now, you hear?

(Photo: Chuck Taylor/Remsen Street between Hicks and Montague Terrace)

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  • lori

    First! It seems we have lost a metered parking spot on the corner of Montague and Hicks in front of the Bossert Hotel. Altho there is no parking in front of the hotel, there had been one metered spot at the corner. Since the signs were taken off the pole that is still standing between that old parking space and the corner, I guess you have to obey the NO PARKING – HOTEL sign all the way to the corner. I wonder who took the sign down; was it DOT, did it fall down or did someone else take it down. Just wondering…

  • JoJo

    Does anyone have recommendations for condo insurance? I feel like the quote I got from State Farm is too high.

  • bronxkid

    Can anyone recommend someone who can help replace doorknobs? I’d like to replace all the doorknobs in my aparatment to be appropriate with the style of the place. What I have now is a hodge podge of styles and finishes. But I’m thinking of vintage pieces for closet doors as well as all other doors. Need help selecting right sizes and correctly installing them. Thanks!

  • bronxkid

    Apartment…….sorry for the typo. Don’t type too well first thing in the morning!

  • AEB

    bronxkid, had the very same job to do and it was done brilliantly by one Cliff Sutherland, whose fee was also very reasonable.

    He also did a lot of “legwork” re helping me to decide on which knobs would work best. He’s at:

    Highly recommended.

  • Clarky

    Has anyone else noticed that in the doorway in front of the vacant space currently being renovated by Diva Salon (Henry near Cranberry), there is often a man hanging out/sleeping? I’ve noticed this both during the day and at night. Very odd. What’s his deal?

  • Soulman

    I’m not just someone who likes dogs, but a true fanatic (If you know Izzy, you know what I mean). However, the other night about 10:30, the plastic grass field at the southern end of Cadman Park was filled with free ranging dogs (and a soccer game) – so many people and mutts, it looked like an intentional meetup. The regs are clear – no dogs on that field ever, especially at night when the humans were mainly talking to each other and not noticing when and where their pooches were leaving deposits. What’s up with that? It’s not rocket science to be aware that the field is used by sports players, toddlers, sunbathers, etc. Should I have called 911? Made a fuss? Freaked out and lectured them? Discuss.

  • Peter

    does anyone know what business is coming to the Overtures old location on Hicks Street ?

  • crazy clark’s

    Anyone else notice the crazy rise in prices at Clark’s diner? I understand the need based on rise in gas prices, dairy, etc…but it just seems to have been exponential in the 18 months or so and not in line with other businesses. I mean, when 2 baked potatoes (plain, by the way) and a bowl of chili costs $16, something’s wrong.

    And before somebody says it, yes, I know I can make my own potato for about $1…which is what I’ll do from now on…

  • Villager

    call 311
    but nothing will happen
    thank you for being a considerate dog owner in a neighborhood brimming with the lesser variety.
    Come on dog owners. Come complain about other peoples’ bratty kids. Except, no where on the sign does it say that children are not allowed on the turf, nor that a leash is required for children. Only for your dogs.

  • GHB

    Peter, the Overtures and Ettinger spaces are being filled by a new pizzeria owned by the same guy who owns Heights Cafe (as well as the building)

  • Heightster

    Any suggestions for a party space in the Heights, DUMBO, CH, CG, BH etc for a kids only bat mitzvah party? Not looking to break the bank here, just need to have a decent space for a DJ and food for about 60 kids.

  • JV

    Clarky, this morning at about 7:50, just his coat was there! Maybe someone put a spell him. Poof!

  • Martin L

    BRONXKID I am glad to suggest that the place for special hardware is ERButler, fine architectural stuff in Manhattan at 55 Prince Street. check out “

    Bird Spotting: Carla Schneider Muskat, visiting from New Hampshire, this morning, shortly after 7 am on Pier One saw a HUGE WHITE BIRD, wingspan five feet plus, but was too far from it to get a good picture and details. Perhaps an egret? Anyone else see the same thing today or recently??

  • drewb

    Heightster, I think that’s what The Moxie Spot on Atlantic was designed for.

  • JoJo

    Heightster: You should check out The Green Building, it’s on the corner of Bond & Union in Carroll Gardens/Gowanus border (don’t know where one officially ends and the other begins.)

    I happened to be walking in the area and noticed a wedding going on in there, looks like a very cool space

  • the meowking

    @Martin L – Great Egret is a good bet

  • Wrennie

    Does anyone know why Bubby’s in DUMBO is leaving? They’re not renewing their lease, which ends in October 2012.

  • CranberryStreet

    We are looking to convert our two wood-burning fireplaces to gas.

    Has anyone else done this and can recommend someone for the work? We’ve had the worst luck trying to get someone to come out and give us a quote!

  • Heightster

    LOST KEY at or around Willow Place, State (between Willow Place and Columbia Place) and Columbia Place.

    Please post if found and I will reach out to you. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

  • Bongo

    No comments or story about the Peas & Pickles refit? I had to buy fresh (sic.) vegetables at Gristedes yesterday. Shudder…

  • J

    Ugh, Bubby’s needs to leave. So filthy and crazy expensive.

  • The Heights Group


    Condo insurance, The Heights Group, 143 Montague Street, 2nd. Floor, above Armondo’s restaurant .

  • GHB

    Actually, Gristede’s produce isn’t bad…

  • Clarky

    @Heightster, I went to a couple of small-ish Bat Mitzvah parties at the Dumbo Loft. It was a great space. No clue how much it costs though.

  • SPM

    Went to Chez Moi last Sunday. Food was very good as were drinks. Service a little rushed (we were still eating our appetizer when they brought our entrees out) but they apologized, took them back and all went smoothly thereafter. A little dark and the decor in the dining area is kind of meh, but the frites are amazing and the salmon tartare appetizer is enough for 3. Glad to see another good eating space in the area. Anyone know anything about the former La Traviata replacement? I’m hoping for a gastropub a la Jack the Horse…Also, heard rumors that Bevacco would be closing – anyone know anything about that rumour?

  • SPM

    PS: The link on the ad on the home page of BHB to Chez Moi doesn’t work – never has – Homer, what’s up with that?

  • Monty

    Bubby’s in DUMBO used to be the most awesome place to go with kids. It was pricey, but the food was good and there was so much space and even a play area. I considered it paying a premium to eat someplace the kids could let loose a little without bothering anyone. It was always jam packed with families. There was a change in management maybe a year ago and they took out the play space and rejiggered the menu drove away a huge demographic. Now they are expensive and not family-friendly. Probably drove them into the ground.

  • Raisincat

    @JoJo I highly recommend Jason Bernstein
    Royal Brokerage / MrRates

  • Wallard

    @SPM La Traviata supposedly becoming “an Irish pub, with food.”