Open Thread Wednesday 10/1/08

Flickr photo by Joel Zimmer

Flickr photo by Joel Zimmer

Happy Rocktober! What’s on your mind?

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  • AEB

    Oh! Fortune House-or part of its ancient (the 80s, I’d wager) sign! The stories I could tell! (That’s three exclamation points and it’s only 7:30 AM.)

    The worn, hasn’t-been-changed-in-years decor. The permanent Christmas-tinsel-wrapped glass-holder above the counter. The huge “goldfish” making endless back-and-fourth journeys in a tiny grimy tank.

    The extraordinary efficiency of phone-and-takeout manager Sharon and Co. The utter self-disembodied boredom of the owner (who, by the way, eats her evening meal there using Western cutlery.)

    The food–OK if you order VERY carefully; that is, if you stay away from “made” dishes, sticking only to soups and (some) appetizers.

    The fact that, when all is said and done, FH is a small godsend when one has come home late from work, is ravenously hungry, and needs a convenient “Chinese” (well, Chinese-ish) fix.

  • HDEB

    Fellow Brooklyn Heights resident Alan Fishman began as CEO of Washington Mutual on September 8th, 2008. On September 25th WaMu had its banking assets seized by government regulators after a bank run leading to insolvency and imminent bankruptcy.
    For his three weeks on the job Mr. Fishman is entitled to a sign on bonus of $7.5 million, severance of $6.15 million and salary of $19,230 a week.
    I want a raise!

  • 2xG

    What was happening on the Brooklyn Bridge this morning? Helicopter in the air, police boat in the water, a least 3 police cars on the the bridge, a mini bus (?), news crews and midway across the bridge the metal scaffold-like material under the bridge was hanging down. Any word on what happened?

  • Peter

    2xG, you beat me to it … I just walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to work, saw anti-terrorism teams, 15-20 police officers, mini-bus, police cars, etc. They were all looking over the bridge, down into the East River. Any idea what happened?

  • Meg

    A crane on a ship hit the construction on the underside of the bridge.

  • Joel

    Thanks for the photo post, but ideally you should post a link to the photo ( and my photo stream (


  • beth

    Did I read something here about a meeting in the nabe re: the rats? Any info about it?

    Not sure if I posted about it here but a week or so ago I came home to find an alarmingly large amount of rat droppings around my garbage cans — they must have had a party. I had rats in my apt a few years ago so I get very nervous when I see them in greater numbers than usual….

  • yo

    Trader Joe’s has been open for almost a week. How busy is it in there? I haven’t been able to get over to the store yet….

  • Adam G

    yo, the lines were unbelievable when I went there on Sunday – think whole foods in union square, even down to staff holding “END OF LINE” signs.

  • 2xG

    Thank you very much Meg. Very helpful.

  • yo

    crap…hopefully it’s better during the week

  • my2cents

    People complain about chains all the time, and then flock to them. I don’t get it.

  • Amy

    Anyone hear that enormous clap of thunder this morning around 1:45am? I’m guessing lightning striked nearby–scared the heck out of me!

  • nabeguy

    My 4th and 5th lumbar vertabrae are wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a good massage therapist in the area. Just looking for a happy back, not a happy ending.

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    Anyone see the new signs in front of the dorms on Clark Street? “No smoking after 10PM.”

  • AEB

    When I see gaggles of kids smoking outside of the Clark Street/Henry Street dorm, my heart kinda sinks.

    I know smoking is a rite-of-passage thing, but it still strikes me as really dumb. Of course kids feel they’re immortal, but there’s also the look-good-longer thing, which smoking hardly promotes.

    But that’s trumped by the need to look cool…..

  • hickster

    how does the blue rose clothing store on montague survive?

  • lcd

    Alan Fishman of WaMu should be ashamed of himself – but probably isn’t. Looks like he’ll get in under the wire.

  • bhmom

    I was just at the Bklyn Trader Joe’s for the first time and there was no line at all around 12:30pm. So obviously it’s much easier to shop there if not on a weekend or after work. For the stroller mom set, beware of the paper bags, because I loaded up my stroller and had them ahnging off the handles, and one of the big bags broke. hard to carry a whole handleless bag of groceries while pushing a heavily loaded stroller with a child in it too. Next time I’ll bring more than one canvas bag for sure. (I wound up in Rite Aid, asking them for plastic bags.) Great stuff and prices though at TJ’s.

  • bhmom

    AEB, what do you mean by “made” dishes at Fortune House? We eat there a lot and have never really disliked anything. We stick with soups, appetizers and chicken and/or veggie dishes though. Just curious what you meant.

  • nancy

    Fishman shouldn’t be ashamed of himself,he should be prosecuted. He sent a letter one week prior to WaMu’s closing saying what a stable company it is. now I hear the The head of Chase wants to give him another 15 mill. He screwed up a t KeySpan, screwed up at Independence, and just keeps getting millions. I say put them all in jail; it’s disgusting!

  • Alex

    Anyone know of any soft surface running trails closer than Prospect Park?

  • Adam G

    Alex, there’s a soft-surface path in Cadman Plaza park.

  • henry & state

    heard the thunder early this a.m. and then proceeded to hear the beep, beep of the trucks working on repaving the street that was 2 blocks away! all frigin night long which I then overslept so i didn’t do my bridge run which made me totally miss the accident under the bridge. Went to TJ’s Friday opening day around noonish, crowded but not horribly so. Bad smell though in the Atlantic Ave KeyFood – noticed it last nite. Anyone else?

  • Alex

    Thanks Adam G!

  • yo

    the bad smell in the key food is the smell of fear……

    or just unsanitary conditions – take your pick

  • AEB

    bhmom, we seem to agree on what’s wise to order at Fortune Garden.

    By “made dishes” I mean those that consist of multiple ingredients combined and cooked usually over time to blend flavors–though of course wok-cooking is rapid.

    For example a dish like Shrimp with Garlic Sauce or General Tso’s Chicken would made dishes as opposed to, say, fried chicken wings, barbecued ribs, or any steamed veg.

    Does this make sense?

    In other words, the simplest dishes are safer to order at FG, and, when in doubt, anywhere else.

  • bhmom

    AEB, Well we love the orange chicken there,so I guess we don’t agree. I wouldn’t order stuff like fried chicken wings or ribs anyway, but we do often get the steamed veggies. Thanks for the input though.

  • just me

    Nabeguy — awesome massage therapist on Remsen between Clinton & Henry – Serena Schrier (718) 522-5348 — worth every penny, enjoy!

  • ABC

    Anyone know if there is a food pantry in BH that accepts donations?