Open Thread Wednesday 4/18/2012

It was April 18, 1902, when the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported that because of a particularly loud fowl wandering Brooklyn Heights, “the knell of doom has sounded for Brooklyn roosters. No longer shall their clarion calls wake the sleeping city. They must die or go into the country.”

Hens, mind you, were still allowed to traipse throughout the neighborhood. As for the offending Heights rooster, “the crestfallen cock” was sentenced to execution.

And so… on this Open Thread Wednesday, what’s on your mind worth crowing about?

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  • CKK

    Lori – We’ve used Terry (The Cat’s Meow / / 917-751-4771) for cat sitting many times, she’s really nice, loves cats and has always done a wonderful job.

    And, for all the Pet Smart people out there, yes, i’m sure it’s a convenient place to shop at, but let’s not forget about our friend and local business owner Sam owner of Pet’s Emporium on Montague Street – it’s an amazing little store and we all need to support our local businesses unless we want the retail giants coming in and taking over the neighborhood.

  • x

    whatever happened to that Yoga studio that was supposed to open on Montague St above Bentley;s shoes?

  • flower_power

    I use the flower shop adjacent to the toy store on Atlantic. Also the shop next to Taza is good, although a bit pricey.

  • willowbubb

    Monty – It’s not the store itself. it’s the pharmacy. it is very poorly run.

  • Lori W

    Thank you all for your recommendations! I really appreciate it!

    Hating to jump in on the convo regarding Petsmart, but I will….I would LOVE to support the local businesses, like the one on Montague street as it is closer and a small, local business, as opposed to a chain…however, the discounts and deals that I get at Petsmart are far better. I save so much more money, especially being a petperks card member….if the local businesses had comparable prices and also offered incentives, I would definitely shop there…however as someone who needs to save money, every little bit helps and I would rather pay 75cents a can for wet cat food at Pet smart than 99cents for the same can….When you buy a lot at a time, it adds up!

  • She’s Crafty

    I agree with you @Lori W. I also would love to support the local businesses (specifically: Sam on Montague, since we already support Rocco and Jezebel for grooming) but I really just can’t afford it. I estimate I save about $30 a month by going to PetSmart, and that is significant for us.

  • Hicks St Guy

    I don’t think there’s anything more nauseating than reading posts regarding pet stores, i.e. my cat can’t eat grains, etc. yikes, get real.

  • She’s Crafty

    That time of the month @HSG?

  • She’s Crafty

    PS we’ve all read about 50 posts about your ‘hound.’

  • chicagokath314

    Fireworks season is back! A fireworks display is scheduled for 10:30 PM tomorrow, 4/20/12, in New York Harbor near Liberty Island.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @Crafty, it’s so nice to be remembered, thanks!

  • She’s Crafty

    ;-) @HSG.

  • Jorale-man
  • Joe

    @taxes I use Delprete and Cheng on Atlantic 111 Atlantic Ave # 1R, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Joe and Susan are both great.

  • Joe


    Seaport Flowers next to Tazza. I think they have the nicest arrangements around here but they are pricey.

  • Joe

    @Lori W

    This is not to tell you to buy local since it’s your money and your entitled to spend it the way you need to in order to suit your situation but just a response to your comment about small business owners providing the same prices and incentives. The answer is small businesses simply can’t compete in those areas. They can’t afford to offer the price points of a big chain because they don’t get the pricing scale that a chain like a Target or Petsmart would receive or have the deep pockets to undercut their competitors.

    As a small business owner myself, I understand I can’t compete on price with my larger competitors but I do try to differentiate my business in terms of customer service, personalization and niche items for the customers who value those qualities. I hope Sam has enough of those things to stick around on Montague st since he seems well loved by the BH community.

    -Joe, who doesn’t have a pet

  • GHB

    I use Sahmi, Rocco & Jezebel and Perfect Paws… each for different things for my dog. I love having nearby options, supporting local businesses, and together they fill all our needs.

  • Hillary

    Right on, Joe! People think small businesses just don’t want to charge less for products. We have very little mark up on food, we wish we could give the same discounts as a Petsmart or Petco.

    On another note, you might want to do some research about how employees at these big pet stores are treated. How they offer health insurance and all this other good stuff yet won’t give the employees enough hours for full time to qualify for anything. Groomers especially aren’t treated very well. A groomer may bring their own customers to the store but if they leave they aren’t allowed to contact those customers for 24 months. They brought the store business by bringing their own customers and lose them if they leave or Petsmart will sue them. Not very good business practices. I would never shop there knowing what goes on there and for the fact they sell live animals.

  • Gatornyc

    I second the recommedation of Wag Club, at 1BBP, for grooming, day care, and boarding (they have food and supplies too). Jon and his staff are great and have taken excellent care of our dogs.

  • Still Here


    Sorry – new contact for Louis Alba – 877-866-2522

    78-51 79th Place, Glendale NY

    ALB friends Construction corp

  • willowbubb

    Dekalb Market is AWESOME ! A great weekend activity !

  • Mario

    to everyone who has come to me for knowledge in petsmart i am now in petco on union square i was recently booted from petsmart for tedious reasons but if you need to contact me my email is i am open to all questions regarding animals… i will always do what i love, educating children and adults on proper animal care and making it fun! Pets are family!