Open Thread Wednesday 4/18/2012

It was April 18, 1902, when the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported that because of a particularly loud fowl wandering Brooklyn Heights, “the knell of doom has sounded for Brooklyn roosters. No longer shall their clarion calls wake the sleeping city. They must die or go into the country.”

Hens, mind you, were still allowed to traipse throughout the neighborhood. As for the offending Heights rooster, “the crestfallen cock” was sentenced to execution.

And so… on this Open Thread Wednesday, what’s on your mind worth crowing about?

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  • Knight

    Would they same today about the students at the St. George dorms?

  • Lauren

    A friend who once lived in the Heights mentioned that he remembered hearing a story many years ago about people giving out pineapples on Pineapple Street once a year, but he wasn’t sure if it was true. Does anyone remember this?

  • Anne

    Has anyone else had difficulties ordering prescriptions at the CVS on Henry Street?

  • Andrew Porter

    I’ve lived on Pineapple for too many years, and I’ve never heard of this. However, the Cranberry Street Festival used to have a Men’s Bake-off featuring cranberry recipes.

    On another topic entirely, I spoke to the gardeners at Pier 1 today, asking about the source of the water in the pools and waterways. They admitted that due to the drought, they use city water.

    They also said that when they drained the main pool last Fall, they found more than 200 Asian Carp, which someone had seeded the pool with. They’re not there now. They also found turtles and other creatures people had deposited. Lastly, they had no idea what had happened to the muskrat over the winter. Nor did they know where it had come from in the first place.

  • Arc

    Hi has anyone tried the Blue Diamond Health Center? (307 Henry Street)

    It always appears to be open, however, I never see people enter or exit. The Health Center is also open quite late. Sometimes I see the lights on long past 10:00 or 11:00 pm. Just curious. Thanks.

  • http://n/a Barbara Shernoff

    Why should that loud rooster in the Heights have been killed? It could have been taken upstate and set free. Jo-Ellen (formerly Gibber’s) Egg farm in Thompsonville, NY (Sullivan county) would have taken it. next time you have a situation like that, let me know. i will take the offending bird away. To kill it is an awful solution.

  • Knight

    Barbara, it happened 110 years ago. I don’t think Jo-Ellen would apreciate the crack about her age!

  • AL

    Desperately seeking insured contractor to make and install small kitchen formica countertop. Any recommendations? Must measure, remove old counter, sink and faucet then install new counter, sink and faucet. So hard find insured people willing to do such small jobs.
    Also need sand, paint cabinets, strip and refinish floors and paint, so could add this to countertop project to make the job more worth taking on.

  • http://n/a Barbara Shernoff

    Knight–Thanks for the laughs!!.-i love what you wrote. I re-read the article and said said to myself-“Oy”! My husband is still laughing…………….

  • Eddyenergizer

    Al, The reason is, insurance for contractors is ridiculously expensive. I was in the business for over 20 years and ultimately closed due to inflated insurance premiums (both, liability and workers comp). I’m talking over a 100k a year for a small 3 man operation… It is simply not profitable to do small jobs, the amount you would have to pay would be “outrageous” to make the job worthwhile to an insured contractor. The job you describe could easily be done by a handyman but again you will be up against the insurance issue as most of these guys are not insured. That is one of the hidden costs of living in a coop building, where you must have insured contractors for every little job.

  • Matthew Parker

    @Arc: Blue Diamond was in the news a few years ago for providing “happy ending” massages.

  • Still Here


    Try Louis Alba – 917-515-8757 – have used him for small and medium jobs; has the right insurance and very fast.

  • She’s Crafty

    Regarding pets: even though it’s technically not in Brooklyn Heights I’m falling in love with the PetSmart on Atlantic Avenue. Their house brand low carb dry food is great for my cat who can’t tolerate grains, and super inexpensive (also there are a slew of coupons in each bag). They have great staff especially Mario in the reptile/bird department, who is so knowledgeable and sweet with the children. He let my son and some other kids handle a gekko and small black snake (and then made sure they used hand sanitizer to boot). Haven’t tried the grooming or vet services (we won’t leave Larry at Rocco and Jezebel for nothin’, but might be looking around for a new vet someday) but otherwise give it 5 stars. Happy Wednesday everyone.

  • Lori W

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a cat-sitter in Brooklyn? I am looking for someone to come once a day over the weekend if I’m away. No medications involved- just cleaning out litterbox, feeding, fresh water, and playtime? Please let me know!

  • EHinBH

    Lori W — the pet store on Pineapple Walk does this.

  • Miram

    Lori W — We have used Andrea (owner) and her husband of Rocco and Jezebel for 3 years now – that’s the pet store on Pineapple Walk that EHinBH is referring to. They will play, feed, clean the litter box every time they come to take care of your cat. We have no complaints and they are even usually around during holidays.

  • maria

    I just want to say that I LOVE Hanco’s on Montague!
    The sandwiches and Bubble Tea is great AND they deliver!

  • Van

    @She’s Crafty – PetSmart, we took our 130lb Newfoundland to PetSmart for grooming. They were great. And about $25 cheaper than the options in the Heights. And I agree they have a lot of stock, prices are very fair, and seems like a well-run store.

  • She’s Crafty

    @Van, I’m sure they are cheaper :-( but we have a very picky/can be aggressive cat and only Larry has been able to successfully groom him, which reminds me: I need to make an appointment.

  • AL

    Still Here Thanks – no luck. Can discuss if you’d like if there’s a way I can contact you privately.

  • willowbubb

    anne- the cvs on henry street is a sick joke. switch all your scripts to city chemist. they fill them within 10-15 mins.

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    Andrea and John are practically an institution in the Heights. They are both wonderful people, highly reputable and trustworthy!

  • She’s Crafty

    Don’t get all the haters of CVS, I for one have always had a good experience there. The checkout is a joke though.

  • Miss Montague

    @ she’s crafty: one love animal hospital is amazing (and nearly across from pet smart!

    I love city chemist. They are the best!

    What’s with the construction on Montague street?

  • Publius

    The newly opened Wag Club, at 1BBP, also has excellent dog grooming (and day care).

  • taxes

    Anyone have a recommendation for an accountant or enrolled agent in the neighborhood? We normally do our own taxes but this year, they were a little more complicated and so we got an extension. Would like to find someone locally to file our tax returns by the new due date in October. Thanks!

    LoriW, we’ve used Katie’s Kitty (they are based in the city but have pet sitters everywhere) and they were great.

  • Monty

    Yeah, never had a problem with CVS. In fact, in the one instance they didn’t have an urgently needed medication on hand, they filled it at the location on Court St in Cobble Hill. And the self-checkout is awesome.

  • Anne

    Thanks, Willowbubb and Miss Montague.

  • Carlotta

    Anyone who has a problem with CVS, make a complaint at their corporate website. They very quickly pass it on to the store manager and he very quickly corrects the situation. That’s been my experience.

  • JoJo

    Where do people get fresh flowers in the neighborhood? I live closer to Atlantic, find that while Trader Joe’s has a nice selection and good pricing, the quality isn’t that special. Key Foods is terrible and overpriced. I used to get from the bodega on Clinton & Joralemon before the building was renovated.