Car Hits Pizza Parlor on Hicks Street

News 12 Brooklyn reports via Facebook that Fatoosh on Hicks Street has been hit by a car:

CAR INTO BUILDING: EMS is at Hicks Street off Atlantic Avenue where a car crashed into the front of a restaurant. There is no structural damage.

Update: according to Streetsblog this was a result of a two-car crash. No further details were provided, except that no one in either car was seriously injured, Fatoosh was closed at the time, and no pedestrians were hit.

Photo: Courtesy of News 12

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  • Nabeguy

    Small wonder,. That has to be one of the worst corners in Brooklyn, with cars making rights off of Hicks for the BQE and others making lefts off Atlantic fron the BQE onto Hicks. A real s**tstorm.

  • Peter Kaufman

    Damn bike lanes!

  • Hicks St Guy

    @PK, why the bike lanes?

  • Nick A

    agreed, that corner is awful and i see people speeding quickly through that intersection into hicks street all the time.

  • Heightster

    Hicks is a one way street into Brooklyn Heights so I do not believe you can make a right off hicks onto the BQE. Also, I do not believe there are any bike lanes on that corner. Lastly, what Pizza Parlor is on or slightly off the corner of Hicks and Atlantic. The corners are LICH, the LICH parking lot, deli (currently not occupied) and a design office. Further down on Hicks is Fatoosh and while they sell pizza, it is not the main item on the menu (at least in my opinion). Can someone verify the location of this accident (it sounds like it is Fatoosh and I hope everyone is ok)?

  • Heightster

    I guess my question is answered from the photos on the link. It is Fatoosh and it looks like they were closed and only the outside vestibule was damaged. Hope everyone is ok. Hard to imagine the angle the vehicle took to jump the curb in that location.

  • BH’er

    I agree, something must be done about the parking situation in Brooklyn Heights. This is a little out of control.

    It’s also good that no one was hurt, but that vestibule had to go!

    I hope he gets a parking ticket!

  • GHB

    It was probably some drunken fatooshbag!

  • Eddyenergizer

    No bike lane on Hicks… Oh Nabeguy, no right off of Hicks towards the BQE, it’s a left.

  • Monty

    Fatoosh is a middle-eastern restaurant that will top a pita with sauce and cheese. Not really a pizzeria. Also, I love that place.

  • Peter Kaufman

    Do you know how many speeding tickets the 84th precinct has written in the last 3 months?

    Exactly 1.

  • David on Middagh

    I feel sorry for the patrol cars. How do you catch someone going that fast? The Dept of Transportation is responsible for building roadways that are so speedable.

  • Eddyenergizer

    Why the assumption of speeding? The story only says, two cars were involved in a crash, nothing about speeding.

  • carol

    There are three different ways cars get onto this block of Hicks Street:
    1) Coming NB on Hicks from south of Atlantic Avenue
    2) A right turn from westbound traffic on Atlantic Avenue onto Northbound Hicks
    3) A left turn from eastbound Atlantic onto northbound Hicks

    Under certain conditions and depending upon vehicular speed, conflicts occur (i.e. accidents happen. The left turn folks often jack rabbit – turn quickly in front of the westbound traffic which has the right of way. If there is a red light on State, there may no space for the car that jumped onto Hicks.
    Or there can be two lanes of traffic entering Hicks Street from the south- the people in the middle lane and the morons in the left lanes who go straight despite being in a left turn only lane. Because Hicks Street narrows – can guess what happens.
    Then there are the right turn people who sometimes enter the intersection at too high a speed. Looking at the photo, I think that a person making the right turn at too high a speed just ran right into the Fatoosh storefront.
    I wouldn’t rule out either of the other two scenarios.

  • Peter Kaufman

    @eddyenergizer Why the presumption? Because I’ve lived my whole life in this city, and the last 14 years in Brooklyn Heights. I didn’t fall off the turnip truck.

  • SeaRoad


    thanks for the chuckle!

  • Nabeguy

    Sorry, that would be left off of Hicks onto the BQE. At the south corner, Hicks breaks into 3 lanes, with the left being a left turn only, the middle a left and straight and the right a right only. The middle one is usually the problem, as people going straight up Hicks are usually caught up short behind people making the left and trying to squeeze onto the BQE entrance

  • hicks st guy

    wasn’t Fatoosh the Warlock Shop in a previous reincarnation?

  • Eddyenergizer

    No, the Warlock shop was on Henry, There was a liquor store where Fatoosh is.

    Oh Monty, Fatoosh makes real pizzas with properly baked crusts, not simply a “pita with sauce and cheese”. They are quite good, I recommend the grilled chicken pizza.

  • Willowtowncop

    Speeding tickets are almost impossible to write. They get thrown out if you don’t use a speed gun, which a far and few between in non specialized units and require training that most people dont have. For them to work, you need to lie in wait, which is impossible in a marked car on a narrow street, especially if you have calls to answer. They work fine in an unmarked highway car along the belt, but not in the heights. But, once again, its so much more fun to make assumptions that involve blaming the police than to have any facts that would allow you to make a reasonable assessment of what actually happened.

  • Peter


    Sorry – that’s no excuse. Bottom line is, it’s not a priority for the NYPD. How many cops have sat in Prospect or Central Park, looking to nail cyclists?

    How many people have been killed by speeding cyclists?

    The 84 has given out over a hundred tickets for tinted windows since January. meanwhile, Councilman Levin stood with a radar gun on Atlantic Avenue, and found >80% of the vehicles speeding

    If you want to kill someone in NYC and get away with it – hit them with a car.

  • Willowtowncop

    So someone with the equipment that the police don’t have who wasn’t in a marked car and wasn’t responsible for answering calls for help found people speeding? I’m shocked. Window tints are easy because they do have tint meters and you can’t hide them like you can slow down when you see a cop car.

  • Peter Kaufman

    P.S. As for not having radar guns.. WEAK. That’s like saying, “We can’t investigate murderers, because we don’t have the money for fingerprint kits, and no-one knows how to use them.”

    If it was a priority, they’d have some.

  • Eddyenergizer

    @ Peter/Kaufman,
    What does time living here have to do with making blind assumptions? I have lived in the Heights for almost 50 years, yet I wouldn’t assume the details of something I knew very little about.