Open Thread Wednesday: 4/11/2012

Hello Open Thread Wednesday! On this day in 1947, Jackie Robinson took to the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers in an exhibition match between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Yankees, becoming the first African American to play in Major league baseball. Four days later, he played on opening day when the Dodgers defeated the Boston Braves, 5-3. So… what on your scorecard for the day?

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  • BH’er

    first… yes!

  • Publius

    Yes, but not first to complain.

  • Claude Scales

    My brain hurts.

  • GardenPlMom

    Does anyone know what is going in the retail space on the corner of Joralemon and Clinton? It used to be a grocery/deli/bodega but since the apartments have been renovated it looks like it’s getting ready for a new tenant. I’d love to know what’s going to be there. Thanks!

  • mixtrix

    Can anyone recommend an upholsterer? H&M in Dumbo WAY too pricey.

  • mixtrix

    Correction on that upholsterer in Dumbo – it’s H&A.

  • Webb Pierce

    What is to become of the retail space at the corner of Clinton and Joralemon is a great mystery. I haven’t spoken to anyone who has a clue, and I have asked around.

    Yes, I know, I added nothing.

  • Neighbor Hood

    Hi. Can anyone recommend a good repair person who works on Bosch appliances, specifically clothes dryers? Thanks!

  • GHB

    @mixtrix – you get what you pay for…

  • DrewB

    Shortest. Open. Thread. Ever.

  • Peace Bronxnan

    where’s the best place to get a martini in brooklyn heights?

  • Claude Scales

    Peace: try Jack the Horse when Aaron’s tending bar.

  • Heightsguy

    Jack the Horse does awful upholstery, lol. Gerard Theuns of Atlantic Ave does good work but did charge double the estimate on one occasion, so caveat emptor.

  • Eddyenergizer

    Peace Bronxnan, Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar (Henry & Cranberry) makes a proper Martini as well.

  • mixtrix

    Heightsguy – many thanks, for both tips.

  • A Neighbor

    Note: Gerard Theuns and his fancy threads have been gone for 6+ months — replaced recently by an upscale children’s clothing store.

  • She’s Crafty

    I also wonder about the Clinton/Joralemon corner. I live nearby so it matters to me. I miss Sushi Garden! Personally I’d like to see a gourmet market with an excellent fish counter.

  • AnnOfOrange

    H&A are excellent. I have been using them for years. If your budget is limited, they will consult on good less expensive fabric. Their workmanship is high quality and I feel worth the price and I am NOT one of the 1%.

  • Heightsguy

    I was browsing the newly available 1940 census, saw how many brownstoners had lots of boarders/lodgers, as I had seen in the 1930 census. Also Willowtown was Italian/Irish/Spanish. I remember the dwindling Spanish population over there from C. 1970 interesting aspect of Heights history. Also remember Frente Unido bar (United Front , from Spanish Civil War antifacist side) on Atlantic Avenue.

  • lois

    HtsGuy and A Neighbor: Gerard Theuns died a short time ago.

  • KT

    Anyone remember Mohammed who use to be the manager at Key Food? I saw him Monday at the pet store on Montague St. I couldn’t believe he remembered me and my daughter (who was a baby the last time he saw her). Well dressed and as friendly as always, losing Mohammed was a big loss for the neighborhood.

  • David on Middagh

    I saw him too, KT. I wish I hadn’t been so distracted and had given him a warmer greeting!

  • PromGal

    @She’s Crafty
    You could not wish for a better fish store than FISH TALES on Court Street. Excellent, finest quality, the freshest available, and the guys are outstanding.
    No better butcher than STAUBITZ on Court Street. The guys there will do anything for you: bone and roll a leg of lamb, point your chicken cutlets, veal ir pork paper thin. Wild game in season. Just give them enough time to prepare.

  • She’s Crafty

    @PromGal I appreciate and have shopped at both those places (when I was little my mom used to take me to Staubitz to get her meat and the elder John always gave me a piece of bologna) but I was hoping for someplace closer that was convenient to stop at on the way from the subway station or work. As sad as the deli that was there became, I could still pick up milk/beer/kitty litter in a pinch.

  • lori

    Congratulations everybody on the best Open Thread Wednesday ever. No complaints, no rants, just questions answers and comments, just like it should be.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    I have it on the authority of a waitress at Henry’s End that Bevacca (sp?) will soon be closing. Its passing, I imagine, will not be much mourned.

  • GHB

    Complaints and rants are what make open thread Wednesday so much fun!

  • Still Here


    Ok on fish tales, but totally disagree with you on Staubitz. Heights Prime gives far better product and service.

  • Knight

    Heights Prime — in my opinion — also makes the best cold-cut heroes in the North Heights. They’re priced about the same as Gristedes but you get a much better sandwich.

  • Willowtowncop

    I can’t believe no one has complained about what was documented in the picture yet- I hate to see “no menus” signs posted. Most are uglier than the menus themselves (I’m thinking of the handmade badly waterproofed signs) and routinely ignored by the menu people.