Our friend "Standpipe" (not his real name) has been complaining about the mysterious choppers outside his window for months.  They don't bother us at the BHB Metroplex as we've been more focused on thugs robbing people on our block and the army of hobos rifling through our garbage bins every morning.  However, these flying objects seem to be ruffling some feathers in the nabe as our pals at Brooklyn Record report:

25helicopter.jpgBrooklyn Record:Obnoxious Helicopters in Brooklyn Heights: "In the past 6 months the number of helicopters hovering over/near Brooklyn Heights has increased tremendously," a tipster tells us. "They seem to sit near the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, also somewhere between the helipad and the Promenade, and also patrolling up and down. Some days flights start before 6am! During the day the noise is becoming more and more constant. Any idea who I could contact that might actually be able to do something about this? Calling 311 obviously doesn't help." (photo by wseltzer)

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