“Earth Hour” Tonight

Tonight from 8:30 to 9:30 is Earth Hour, during which we’re asked to turn off electric lights and appliances. Reader Ori, who gave us the heads-up, says: “Besides participating by turning off our lights, we’re sure to have a great view of Manhattan going dark from the Promenade, the park, etc.”

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  • Jack

    In a word, disappointing – few buildings appeared to have participated other than a few municipal buildings, the brooklyn bridge and the ESB. Don’t hold your breath that Indian Point will be pressured to close anytime soon

  • weegee

    I remember the first year, Borough Hall didn’t even do it, even though the Beep’s office was the great trumpeter of it.

  • She’s Crafty

    This failed because it is completely unrealistic. Are people supposed to just sit in the dark for an hour? Please.

  • Karl

    I agree Crafty. Let’s consider this at a realistic level.

    Residential tenants of lower Manhattan shouldn’t be forced to watch TV or occupy their computer in the dark so some hippy from Brooklyn can enjoy the view of nothingness.

    Secondly, commercial building landlords quite often don’t have access to tenant space (think law firms, accountancy firms, government agencies etc..)

    Third, even if the facility manager for each building in Manhattan had access to each floor, he/she would have to go to every floor and check the lights. That could take hours. After the event, the same guy/girl would have to go to every floor and restore the essential lighting.

    This idea is ridiculous. If you want to be in the dark, take a trip out of the city.

  • Cmon

    @Karl: I agree, no one should be forced to do anything like that.

    But the goal isn’t to create a spectacle (or a view for Brooklyn hippies). And the goal is not necessarily to get absolutely everyone to turn out the lights.

    Rather, the idea behind Earth Hour is to get people talking and thinking about the environment, conservation, waste, etc.

    Is that ridiculous?

  • She’s Crafty

    No, that’s not ridiculous, but in order to be taken serious/garner participation the action has to be something that people can accomodate reasonably. Were restaurants supposed to close for an hour? Movie theatres not show movies? What were the general public supposed to do on a chilly night, in the dark? That’s why it didn’t work.