Crime Wave!

The Brooklyn Paper’s Police Blotter is full of Brooklyn Heights crimes this week including – thugs mugging citizens on High Street and Pinapple Street as well as burglaryapalooza in the nabe with at least 3 reported break-ins.  Not to mention last night’s reported gun point robbery on Joralemon. Is it time to send the boys at the 84th some Red Bull and No-Doz?  Are the bad old days back?

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  • Beavis

    Perhaps the spike could be attributed to newly out of work Wall Streeters struggling to make the mortgage?

  • yoyo

    Hey, I know how to improve the neighborhood. Let’s reopen the BHOD!

  • mopostal

    Did anyone else see the commotion yesterday on Cadman Plaza E at around 7:30? It looked like someone was shot/stabbed/run-over.

  • dumbo

    no, no, i was walking by at 7 and believe the Office of Emergency Management was having a training session.

  • mopostal

    haha phew!

  • yo

    i’ve noticed an increasing number of shady individuals hanging around my block over the last couple of months… least 4 times I’ve seen guys just hanging out on the street smoking weed…bizarre

  • Monty

    I’m sure that most of these can be attributed to William Hurt.

  • Claude Scales

    Charles Bronson is proof that even the most hardened of criminals can be rehabilitated. Throughout the 1950s, he was a bad guy. Then came The Magnificent Seven, Once Upon a Time in the West, and the Death Wish series.

  • Claude Scales

    guest: Didn’t you watch the RNC? That should have given you Rudy enough to last a good long while.

  • HDEB

    There is a homeless camp in the wooded area on Cadman Plaza West bordered by the Brooklyn bridge off ramp.
    I estimate there are two dozen people living in there. This has always been an area where homeless people lived, but never (in my recollection) to the current extent.
    There are tents back there, they build fires at night. When I walked in there a few weeks ago I was quickly intercepted by a big, scary strung out looking fellow.
    Is anybody aware of this?

  • Claude Scales

    HDEB: Given the direction in which the economy is going, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of this. Perhaps some day soon the term “Hooverville” will have been supplanted by “Bushville”.

  • Billy Reno

    This is no time for Batman to be sitting on his duff, wrestling with his personal demons!

  • joe

    Apparently there was a Hooverville in Brooklyn at one time between Columbia and Court st. The full extent of Bush’s ineptness hasn’t even been fully realized. I feel bad for whoever comes into office to clean up this big mess.

  • Bob

    Two words: Martial Arts.

  • Andrew Porter

    Not sure if the area where the homeless are camped is the same area I saw a large pile of trash just north of the end of the Promenade. I notified 311 of this and here’s the complaint number they gave me: C-1-1-428439514.

  • Pilar

    This is a serious matter; to write about William Hurt that is just beyond silly.

  • PJL

    Not that Bush has done much to help matters, but the mortgage/securitization boom which propped up our house of cards economy was well underway in ’98-’99….

    What happened to the police presence in Brooklyn Heights?

    Is there any way we can start a petition on BHB for more/any patrols?

  • bornhere

    I think the police are doing the best they can; and, don’t forget — the 84 is WAY more than just Atlantic to Old Fulton, Court to the Promenade.