Mr. J.’s Dine in Brooklyn Halftime Report

Today (Friday, March 23) marks the halfway point of the Dine in Brooklyn event (also see here), in which local restaurants are offering three course dinners for $25.00 and lunches for $20.12 (Geddit?). Karl, bringing his cam and a friend, sampled the offerings at River Cafe and Baluchi’s. Video after the jump.

Yes, siree, Bob, it was DEE-licious.

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  • AEB

    Very nice, Karl–thanks!

  • C.

    Let there be light! An Irish pub is coming to Montague street! Old La Traviata space! Finally!

  • Livingston

    @ C:

    And what, pray tell, is Eamonn Doran?

  • Livingston

    So far, my “Dine in Brooklyn” forays have taken me to Sue Perette (Smith Street) and River Cafe (where our meals looked exactly like Mr. J’s video — fabulous). Have a couple more upcoming in the next few days.

  • EHinBH

    What a great accent.

  • Livingston

    Went to Rose Water last night over in Prospect Park area for an excellent DiB meal. Also highly recommend indulging in their wine-pairing to go along w/ your selections. For $14 you get an appropriate pour that perfectly complements your selected appetizer, entree, and dessert.