Crunch! Crunch! Tree Trimming Ensues On Montague Street

That bombastic noise around 9 a.m. Wednesday morning along Montague Street that sounded like the second coming, was actually the City Parks Department continuing its once-a-decade tree pruning in Brooklyn Heights.

Under the Parks Department’s current schedule, this will take place on blocks from Pierrepont Street southward. However, as we previously noted, thanks to funding by the Brooklyn Heights Association, trees on six more streets north of Pierrepont will also be trimmed.

Please see the BHA link on tree pruning at

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  • Andrew Porter

    “Since 2001, BHA has spent $38,000 on pruning and $27,000 on planting, using funds accumulated from BHA member donations.”

    Yes, proof to many posters that the BHA does nothing for the neighborhood.

  • Mike

    They were pruning yesterday on Henry between Clark and Pierrepont, so it sounds like the borders mentioned in the article aren’t firm.

    Many cars doing the Tuesday morning street-cleaner-sit were forced to move. I dodged that bullet by ten feet. ;)

    They work fast too, they weren’t messing around.

  • bornhere

    I saw one of these teams working the other morning; I, for one, love the sounds. (And the “noise” may be a lot of things, but it definitely is not “bombastic”!)

  • stuart

    I’m sure the BHA could find another $12,000 if it shook out the sofa cushions. The organization has a pretty rich endowment.
    This is how the BHA makes enemies. How can it only fund half the neighborhood when everyone knows it has tons of cash in the bank?

  • GHB

    They were also working on Columbia Heights the other day. So much for borders…

  • north heights res

    “Bombastic” struck me, too. Been thinking about to make it work metaphorically…

  • Judy

    Regarding “Crunch! Crunch! Tree Trimming Ensues On Montague Street”, for an accurate report on the blocks that are scheduled for pruning by J & J Tree Service, please go to the BHA website at

  • stuart

    if the parks department sends out tree pruners to a neighborhood they have to address any tree they see that is hazardous. Where does the BHA come up with the idea that they are doing only half of the neighborhood?
    I doubt that the tree service’s presence in the neighborhood is in any way related to the BHA.

  • Claude Scales

    Stuart: read the post as corrected. The Parks department has only funded trimming for the South Heights on this cycle. The BHA has funded trimming for an additional six blocks north of Pierrepont. It regrets not having funds sufficient to cover all of Brooklyn Heights.

  • Chuck Taylor

    judy — i’m adding your link to the post. =ct=

  • The Earl of Clinton

    It was DEFINITELY bombastic at 7:45am this morning on Livingston street. So pleasant and neighborly of them, especially after my very late night of work.

  • EHinBH

    I think six blocks north of pierrepont does all the way to Middagh… So is the only block not being done Poplar? Seems odd to leave off only one block…

  • bornhere

    North Heights — You want to take this one :)

  • David on Middagh

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