Open Thread, Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It’s another Wednesday, giving you the opportunity to let out what’s been brewing inside for the past week. Have at it!

Editor’s note: While March typically comes in like a lion, this forum need not be an open door for ferocity and back-and-forth barbs. Please be kind, keep it clean and maintain an air of respectfulness. We’re neighbors; can’t we all just get along?

(Photo: Chuck Taylor/Willow Street)

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  • WillowtownCop

    Has anyone been to Mocha Hookah? It has no reviews on Yelp. I have some friends coming in a couple of weeks from upstate who just got back from a trip to the middle east. They’re coming to Brooklyn specifically for hookahs and I’d hate to have to take them to Bay Ridge, but there’s something a little odd about a hookah place that has bagels, bubble tea, and gelato on the menu.

    Also, what happened to the happy hours that were happening last year?

  • David on Middagh

    Willowtown, here are some Mocha Hookah mentions:

  • lori

    Bring back Police Blotter – the other blogs still have thm. Hope you can find a volunteer to do this. Thanks.

  • Slide

    How pleasantly surprised I was when watching NBC’s Smash last night to see a couple of scenes that had been shot in Brooklyn Heights. One scene, which I actually watched being filmed a few months ago, was shot on Sidney Place . Another scene took place on the steps of Borough Hall. Looked great I might add.

  • Promenade Princess

    i love “smash.” it’s progressing nicely and the fact that there are scenes in brooklyn heights makes it all the more fun. it sure beats watching “gossip girl” just to see the neighborhood from time to time.

  • Cassie Von Montague

    Mocha Hookah has very good food. It’s a casual, authentic hooka place. It’s not a place for bros to hang out in a dark room and order overpriced drinks. It’s a place for men to go after a hard day of work and have intelligent conversations with other men over a hooka. There is a back room with a bit more ambiance, if that’s what you’re looking for.

    on an unrelated note, they’re cutting down a locust tree on Montague next to the heights casino right now. i think it was dying anyway.

  • frank

    willowtown cop,
    you ever think about taking your friends to Astoria? several hookah spots and some good food.

  • RemsenGal

    @WillowtownCop – We like Mocha Hookah quite a bit as well. It does have some strange offerings in the food department, but they use quality shisha in their hookahs and (I think) natural wood coals.

  • Cassie Von Montague

    nevermind, they were just trimming the tree. it seems to not be long for this word though.

  • Heightsguy

    “hate to have to take them to Bay Ridge”? Please, there are the BEST middle eastern restaurants there; Karam on 4th and 86th, Tannorine, more. On a blind taste test of Karam’s babaganoush and of their grape leaves with lamb, vs. Sahadi and another place I don’t recall, all testers correctly identified Karam’s. No joke. Also plenty of authentic not gringified hookah places on Bay Ridge Avenue.

  • MonroeOrange

    FYI to all owners of dogs who walk them in Cadman Plaza Park: I was told by another dog owner, that the police are now ticketing owners who let their dogs run off the leash on the astro turf field. While the sign does say no dogs, it also says, no cleats or golf clubs, etc…all of which I see almost every week.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @MonroeOrange, do cleats, golf clubs etc urinate/defecate on the field also?

  • Soulman

    I’m a dog fanatic who is embarrassed and annoyed by the selfish humans who walk their dogs on the astroturf. In fact, I wish the police would enforce the leash rules all over. My dog and I don’t love it when people run by with their off the leash dogs who then start up with mine (who at the age of 5 has finally learned to ignore that). This happens at night especially. It’s only the north lawn (or dirt field) where dogs are allowed offleash between 9 and 9.
    Let the tickets begin!

  • Monty

    Do any hardware stores around here sell pre-cut wood (or MDF) for shelves?

  • NY2BK

    Saturday and Sunday mornings are a free for all for a huge group of dog owners/walkers at Cadman Park. As Soulman points out, the north lawn is the only section of the park that dogs are allowed off their leashes – but this is largely ignored. I’ve witnessed dogs running onto the fields and attacking (biting) soccer balls while the owner laughs and casually calls for their dog to stop. After they get them off the field they still don’t put them on a leash.

    You often hear owners yelling at their dogs to “stop” or to “come” because they are involved in confrontations with other dogs or even jumping on another dog walker (witnessed this too). But still no leash…

    I’ve seen responsible dog owners walking their dogs on a leash having to walk around the owners that let their dogs run wild (dogs can respond unpredictably when encountering unfamiliar groups of dogs off their leashes).

    Watching dogs go to the bathroom around the field, 50 yards away from their owner who doesn’t notice because they are talking to a fellow dog walker who also is letting their dog run around wild without a leash. Keep in mind, this is a very popular area for little kids to play throughout the day.

    Why is it so difficult to use the large open area in the north end of the park if you want your dog to run around without a leash? Only a few blocks away is another large dog run as well… Why do some of these owners feel entitled to use the entire park regardless of the simple, cautious rules setup for a reason? The saddest part is when you calmly confront them about the rules it is clear that they are very aware of them. Their responses are either pompous disregard, or coincidentally, a very dog-like defensive attack (verbally).

  • GHB

    @Soulman. I agree. I have a dog, but we follow the rules. I avoid Cadman for the reasons you describe. It’s more fun for me to take a nice long walk with my dog throughout BH and neighboring ‘hoods. It’s a great way to bond and to teach him “dog etiquette”

  • bkheightsgal

    I have been to Mocha Hookah as well. The shisha was good and the food was great.

    The back room has more ambiance but the front room has the water feature. The booths are big and comfy. When I went with friends we stayed there hanging out with our hookah and food and the staff never made us feel as though we had to leave quickly.

  • JustANeighbor

    Although I can’t tell from the article which side of the bridge this specific chamber is, it’s still pretty cool:

  • SPM

    If anyone is looking for a child’s backpack with the name of Klein, they have it in the Jeffrey Stein Salon on the corner of Montague and Hicks. They found it insied and are holding it. A phone number was on the lunch thermos, but the mailbox is full.

  • SPM

    and can I say how stupid NBC is to dismiss Sue Simmons. She’s a NY institution!

  • Judy

    On a happy note, it was a heartwarming sight to see a bigger than ever turnout at the PS 8 Open House today! More than 100 parents showed up to be introduced to the Principal and to take the tours. Brooklyn Heights is blessed to have so many families settling in.

  • Jorale-man

    Yes, I’ll miss Sue Simmons’s salty, off-the-cuff remarks. The video of her cursing in the promo is still priceless!

    On another topic, Brownstoner featured a snazzy apartment today on Montague Terrace. Out of my price range but pretty nice all the same:

  • eg

    I am so bothered by all the scaffolding popping up constantly all over the neighborhood. I live in the north heights and can see at least five – from just my front doorstep. I do appreciate that houses are being repaired but they leave them up for years. Such an eyesore!

    Secondly I’m concerned withe all the big supertrucks trying to make their way through our streets, trying to turn corners and knocking down lovely trees. Seems to me that supersize trucks should be restricted and not allowed through our streets. There are notices posted on all tunnels giving heights, so as to avoid problems with oversize trucks trying to get through and getting stuck.

    Why can’t notices be posted on all roads into BH, giving height and lengths limit, so as to keep out all unsuitable vehicles plus stiff fines if the cause damage.

    This of course would apply to other neighborhoods as well with narrow streets.

  • Heightsman

    @ Judy – nice. Happy too.

  • MonroeOrange

    I was just trying to help people who walk their dogs at night when no one is on the field! They are ticketing at night. I was warning the responsible lot, some of us dog owners have common sense to not let their dogs off when children are present. And when I do let my dog on the field at night, she never once went to the bathroom. And try walking on the oval at night, rat city!

    Bring back the dirt field that never could sustain the growing of grass!

  • lori

    As a final note, amen to your editorial note at the beginning of the post. “Please be kind, keep it clean and maintain an air of respectfulness. We’re neighbors; can’t we all just get along?” Seems to be that people listened to that this time. Thanks.

  • pooped out

    @MonroeOrange, in your first post you say, “the sign does say ‘no dogs’….” I think no dogs means no dogs, whether it is day or night. Just because your dog does not use the astroturf as a bathroom doesn’t mean that all dog owners are so conscientious; indeed, based on some of the posts from people who have witnessed and tried to speak to dog owners about their dogs on the astroturf at Cadman, there ARE dogs using the astroturf as a bathroom. Just because there are no children around at night does not mean that there won’t be children there the next day, including crawling babies who are still putting things in their mouths, etc. The astroturf was put there for humans to play on, not dogs. As the sign clearly states.

    Dog owners: Why oh why is it necessary to have your dogs on the astroturf? Or even off leash? Go to a dog run during the day when the rats aren’t out, and walk your dog on a leash at night. Is it really so hard to figure this out? It’s bad enough we have to step over (or in) dog shit and pee all over the sidewalks; do we really have to beware in our parks as well?

  • Hicks St Guy

    @MonroeOrange, do the rats attack your dog? please.

  • MonroeOrange

    Hick st guy: yes my dog was bit by a rat 3 years ago in the park, why do you think you keep seeing signs for rat poising. She was bit, and the vet bills were over $500. But I guess you’ll prob say it was my dogs fault!

  • Hicks St Guy

    @MO, nah, it was your fault, probably off the leash. (>: