New Steakhouse Part of Pricey Trend

Mike's Kosher Steakhouse on Clark Street has received some press as of late, however today's coverage in the New York Times is not due to its tasty menu but rather its dubious distinction of being part of a new trend at NYC eateries — skyhigh prices.

New York Times: Entrees Reach $40 and Sorry the Sides Are Extra: “Forty is the new 30,” said Richard Coraine, the chief operating officer of Union Square Hospitality Group, which recently began charging $42 for a 1¾-ounce appetizer portion of lobster at lunchtime at the Modern in New York. Ten percent of its lunch patrons order the dish, it says.

Hovering just below the $40 mark is an even vaster group of $38 and $39 entrees, waiting to cross the line like thirtysomethings approaching a zero-ended birthday. The arctic char at the Indianapolis branch of the Oceanaire Seafood Room chain is $38.50. Metropolitan Grill in Seattle serves shrimp scampi for $39.95. At Mike’s, a new steakhouse in Brooklyn Heights, $9.95 chicken nuggets share the menu with $38.95 veal chops.

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  • TN

    Just another sign that some business people in this city think there’s an infinite supply of rich people in this city. They’ll find out differently soon enough. I can afford a $40 entree at least 3 or 4 times a week, but that doesn’t mean I want to spend that much.