Tragedy at St. George Tower

Police are currently investigating the death of an unidentified person who apparently fell or jumped from the St. George Tower at 111 Hicks St., landing at the adjacent 60 Pineapple St.

UPDATE: TUESDAY MORNING: The New York Daily News reports: A young man jumped to his death from a Brooklyn luxury high-rise and crashed through a skylight in an adjacent building while the occupants of the apartment were home, police said. The 18-year-old, whose name was not released by police Monday, leaped from the roof of the St. George Tower co-op building on Hicks St. in Brooklyn Heights about 7:30 p.m., cops said. He fell through the glass skylight of an apartment on Pineapple St. with such force that the original 911 call was for an explosion, police sources said. No one in that apartment was injured.

Similar details in The New York Post here.

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  • Lou

    I saw the firemen starting to head into that apartment as I was walking home around 7:45 tonight. Crazy. Hopefully its not another mushroom related swandive from a student!

  • Annonnymous

    @Lou: Your crack about a “mushroom related swandive from a student” is cruel and insensitive. A terrible tragedy has befallen a family in our neighborhood. Have a heart, man.

  • BMFBrooklyn

    A family we know and love. Our hearts go out to them.

  • K

    This is incredibly sad. I happened to be walking by on pineapple at the time and heard the incident occur. Thoughts and prayers are with family and friends. So very sad.

  • Lou

    Anonymous, if you know what happened or have more info please spend less time scolding and more time sharing what you know.

  • A Neighbor

    I agree with Annonnymous (sic) about Lou’s comment. @Lou, I wouldn’t have responded to your first statement at all, but your second post admonishes Annonnymous for suggesting you might be insensitive — and then you ask for more information? I’ll share what I know: A family is grieving and trying to make sense out of something indescribably awful that has happened. They are asking questions that will never really be answered. For whatever it’s worth, I feel that those are the questions that matter tonight. My heart is with them.

  • PJB

    Tonight another tragedy has struck our community. A wonderful family is grieving the horrific loss of their son and brother.
    Please show a little decency and respect for the family in this time of unfathomable grief.
    Our prayers are with him, his family, friends, and community. Our hearts go out to them .

  • Villager
  • Freddie

    How incredibly sad. He must have been in so much pain to have done so. Prayers to the family.

  • LouK

    Agreed with @Annonnymous about @Lou’s initial response. Whatever the situation, it is undoubtedly a tragic loss of life.

  • AEB

    …but how does the suggestion that the death might be drug-related cancel sympathy? Especially when the hope that it hadn’t occurred was offered?

    Perhaps a little less self-righteous piety is in order.

  • Slide

    Add me to the list that finds Lou’s comments thoughtless and inappropriate. My thoughts are with the family during what must be an extremely difficult time.

  • stuart

    totally gruesome.
    I can’t imagine what the family in the apartment must feel.
    Just awful. there really are no words.

  • NYer

    One of the most intelligent young men I have had the opportunity to teach. It pains me that his grief got the better of him. He will be missed.

  • WillowtownCop

    What a selfish thing to do to his family and the family who has to live in the house he crashed into.

  • frank

    @NYer. I heard he was a student at St francis. is that true?

  • Eddyenergizer

    Must be some bad Mojo going on at the St George… seems to be an inordinate number of jumpers there, over the years…

  • NYMelo

    @frank yes he did go to St Francis, I had the privilege of meeting him in Orientation and he became one of my dear friends in a matter of months

  • Heightsguy

    Many severly depressed folk sedate themselves in order to committ suicide. Usually just drink. But so what? Why make a awfully heartless and hurtful comment, Lou? This brought back my memories of people falling from the North Tower of WTC a decade ago standing on Church and Vesey St.s after fleeing the complex.

  • Hicks St Guy

    the young man was totally classy, well-mannered and friendly, and the community in the building is collectively mourning. his family is wonderful, and his father was one of my first friends I made when I moved in 10 years ago. this is terrible.

  • EHinBH

    Does anyone know what happened — meaning, why? Do we know for sure he was depressed. Such a terrible end and this must be horrific for family and friends.

  • jraa

    Not everyone will understand why someone takes their own life. I think it is a tough situation to understand and even tougher for the family going through this. Many personal and psychological factors are included when something like this happens. As a current resident of the St. George Hotel building as well, I believe this is an issue that needs to be addressed. Not only are students resorting to suicide, often drug-related (I’m not saying that is relevant to this case), but several over recent years have chosen the George. It is something that obviously the Resident Director should look into and address with residents. At the very least, our building should make therapeutic and often life-saving services more readily available.

    This does not change the seriousness and sadness of this young man, choosing to take his own life. I wish his family, friends, and community all the best & send my prayers.

  • Master Of Middagh

    I attended Fordham At Lincoln Center for my undergrad education and the windows at the dorms there were designed to prevent such an occurrence. Unless unlocked by a special type of key, they could only be opened to a certain degree up at the top. In order to take their life in such a fashion, a person would have to sneak up to the banquet room on the top floor of the classroom building (which one student tragically did manage). Do they not have such windows installed at the St. George?

  • PJB

    This tragedy is totally unrelated to students living in the St George student housing.
    This family are long time members of the Brooklyn Heights community, and long time residents of the St. George Towers Coop.

  • Ex-Heightster

    My condolences to the family.

    @Lou: Your snide, heartless comments regarding an 18-year-old’s suicide are not appreciated here.

    @Everyone: Let’s not fall into the trap of blaming “drugs” for these tragedies. There are typically more complex issues going on behind the scenes, IMO, and “drugs” may be an attempt by the desperate person to cope with these issues & to self-medicate.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Homer, please consider closing and deleting the comments section. I certainly believe in free speech, but this is a community blog, and a member of our community is tragically gone, only to have people who know nothing about the young man speculate as drug use and “selfishness.” Please think about closing the comments, just for the sake of human decency and respect for the deceased.

  • ABC

    there are people who talk the talk and people who walk the walk.

    these people are our neighbors. active members not only of our neighborhood, schools and churches. I appreciate many people here don’t know this family, but many of us who have lived here for a long time do. it’s such a sad time.