New York Mag Björk Feature Offers Glimpse Inside Her Heights Home

New York magazine offers an exhaustive (if not exhaustingly long) feature on Björk’s new album “Biophilia,” including some revealing details about the Icelandic singer’s Henry Street home in Brooklyn Heights.

The Feb. 26 piece by Nitsuh Abebe shares that “Björk lives in a bright, orderly penthouse in Brooklyn Heights, at least during the third of the year when she’s not in Reykjavík or on tour. I manage to meet Björk in the most unmagical way possible: while exiting a typically narrow Brooklyn-apartment bathroom that she’s paused in front of.”


“Björk’s family has been in this apartment for two and a half years now. ‘I never thought I would ever move to such an urban city,’ she says. ‘I could never live in Manhattan. I’m too Icelandic for that. But there are incredible schools here.’ The schools are for Ísadóra, now 9, her daughter. The penthouse has windows looking out in all directions and takes in enough sunlight for eight to 10 more ordinary Brooklyn homes.

‘I get claustrophobic in urban situations,’ Björk says, ‘but at least here you have the option to relate to the sky.’ We sit in a nook off the kitchen, in which Isadora has drawn a season on each wall; there are polar bears, foxes, berries and women stacking bananas on a tropical island labeled ‘not Iceland.'”

Plow through the entire story in New York mag here.

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  • Publius

    Yawn. Could we keep the starf**k blog posts to a bare minimum? This is NYC, no one cares how “celebrities” live.

  • Gerry

    It would be nice to see some pics of the home?

  • C33

    Only if you’ll keep your s**t-for-brains posts to a minimum, Pubs.

  • dean collins

    what street is the apartment on?

  • Publius

    C33: You can move back to Paramus, where they care about such things.

  • Master Of Middagh

    Sorry Publius, but the public is against you. There are a lot of notable persons who live in the Heights- given that, the posts about them ARE kept to a bare minimum already. And Bjork is the most notable of them all if you ask me. Plus? She is totally your neighbor, so you oughta be nice to her unless you’ve got a good reason otherwise.

    This blog tends to repost ANY news story about ANY Brooklyn Heights resident it comes across. So get over yourself, Pubelius.

  • Slide

    Henry Street Dean. 160 I believe.

  • RemsenGal

    Looks like some very nice digs! We were recently in Iceland touring Reykjavik and we got to see her house in the city there. It is giant black box by the sea, which for whatever reason, just really didn’t surprise us. :) We also got to hear her new album on the flight back here and it was very nice! I hope she continues to be happy here in the Heights for years to come.

  • David on Middagh

    By coincidence, a few of Bjork’s CDs were donated to the thrift shop on Montague St. the other day. I thought I’d mention that, since (I believe) the nearest record shop is now in DUMBO.

    One should visit that one, too (Halcyon, on Pearl Street) as the stock includes carefully-curated vinyl, and the interior design employs an obstructionary pit of stones in the floor that solves the problem of how to define space in a narrow, deep shop.

  • mlo

    The apartments in that building are spectacular, truly

  • Andrew Porter

    Lots of musicians live in BH, some just as famous as Bjork. There’s a park on Columbia Heights and Middagh dedicated to one of them. Another pair live on that street, and it was no coincidence that Pineapple Street was where one of the characters in “Angels in America” lived.