Open Thread: Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Talk amongst ourselves, BHB followers. What’s on your mind today? (Photo: Poplar Street, Chuck Taylor)

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  • Miss Montague

    There’s a drum set player at the Breukelen building (57 montague) that’s driving me crazy! From my living room (and all through my apt) I can hear him almost as loud as if he was in the next room :-( I wish s/he could get drum pads, an electronic drumset or a practice space somewhere that isn’t residential! It’s driving me crazy! Does anyone else notice this?

  • C8OC

    Brooklyn women’s exchange employee scolded and shooed my son away from the window when he was looking in. He had his plastic elmo character and it was clicking on the glass. I have an idea, if you work at a store that sells CHILDREN’S ITEMS don’t treat children like they are South American street dogs begging or digging thru the trash.

    I will never shop at that store again. where did they get this woman? i get that some people just hate children but work at starbucks not a baby store.

  • PromGal

    Your kid was tapping on a plate glass window with a plastic toy, and you are annoyed at the staff at Brooklyn Women’s Exchange?
    Has the world gone completely mad?
    The first issue involved is safety. What would you do if the glass broke, and injured you or your child? Sue the Women’s Exchange?
    The second issue is one of respect for private property, not to mention the responsibility of the volunteer at BWE.
    The other issue is is allowing undisciplined children to run amok in restaurants, shops, and outside shops. Children should not be hitting glass windows with toys.
    We don’t hate the children, we blame the irresponsible parents setting a horrible example by not setting boundariies nor teaching their children respect and self control in relation to other people and their property.

  • Knight

    Well said, PromGal.

  • Knight

    @JV: for years I have used Faith Art Gallery for all of my framing needs. They’re very nice people, turnaround time is excellent, and their prices can’t be beat. They’re on the east side of Jay Street between Fulton & Willoughby. Sadly I can no longer stop at White Castle on my way home from there, but that is a lament for another thread!!

  • JV

    Very well said PromGal. My thoughts exactly!!!!!

    Thanks for all the great frame shop referrals everyone. Very helpful.

  • EHinBH

    AMEN, PROMGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All these helicopter parents are out of control!

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Kudos, Promgal!

    Every night and every morning (I am talking 5:45am), there is a Ford Fusion parked on the south side of Clark St., btwn Columbia Hts and Willow. That would be the side of the street where parking is not allowed. The Fusion has a District Attorney placard on the windshield that says “This vehicle is on official business.” So, are we to believe that there is official DA business between the hours of 8pm and 6am going on in that apartment building, OR, are we to believe that members of our DA’s office can park wherever they want, whenever they want, in NYC’s most horrid nabe for parking. Has anyone else noticed this?

  • GHB

    That’s the same block where the doctor parks his silver Mercedes… also conducting business, I’m sure.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    GHB, the Mercedes with the MD plates ALSO has a DA placard. MD plates + DA placard = totally untouchable. He could probably park in my living room and get away with it.

  • WillowtownCop

    DA’s are well-known hypocrites. They’ll indict a cop for fixing a ticket and then expect to park wherever they like and not get one.

  • Zipporah Dvash

    Hi – please feel free to contact me or Debra Feldman office for a referral to an endocrinologist (adult? pediatric?). We can help.
    Zippi Dvash, Downstate LICH, Public Affairs
    (718) 780-1234.
    If you prefer anonymity, you can call (718) 780-SUNY, which is the specific physician referral call center.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Amen, Amen, Amen!

  • Ex-Heightster

    Promgal, et al:

    Are hysterical rants about a child acting childlike really warranted?

    Are you also a proponent of breaking the youngster’s willfulness & spirit as well?

  • PennyRC

    mlo & Lincoln Logs: I live on Joralemon and walk past 99 Joralemon on my way to the dog park every morning, where I usually pass the super’s father standing outside. Yesterday my dog (girl, so isn’t going to pee on trees/bags) stopped and was sniffing the garbage bags outside 99 Joralemon and the super’s father starting saying something to me, but I couldn’t understand him, was half asleep, and kept on walking. When I got to the dog park, a fellow owner said he was walking behind me and that the super’s father started hysterically screaming when his dog (male) peed on a garbage bag left on the curb a few houses down from 99 Joralemon. He, too, just kept walking.

    On my way back from the dog park I walked into a huge commotion in front of 99 Joralemon. A small dog had pooped right next to the curb of 99 Joralemon. The owner was bending down to pick it up when the super’s father starting screaming (it is very difficult to understand him) and waving his cane around at the woman. After about 30 seconds of the man screaming in her face, the woman decided to give up attempting to pick up the poop and started to walk away. At this point the man followed her down the street and USED HIS CANE TO HOOK THE DOG’S LEASH, taking it out of the owner’s hands. The man then continued screaming and attempted to walk towards Henry with the dog. This is when another dog owner got involved and told the man to stop swinging his cane at people and give back the woman’s dog. Eventually the passerby dog walker was able to get enough space between the super’s father and the dog where the woman could unhook the dog and run away. This ended with the woman running away with her dog in her arms while the super’s father ran after her with the cane. At this point I went into my apartment since my dog was scared and whimpering.

    This morning, the super’s father was at it again. I am really worried about this and it appears that something has happened to the super’s father. I have passed by him for years and I have never seen anything like this. Now he has been out there for 3 days straight.

  • ichabod

    Ex-Heightster – I believe her rant is towards the parent, not the child.

  • Hicks-ter

    I think I’m turning into one of BH’s grouchy-pants, help! the Jack the Horse staff who play hackey sack on the sidewalk, smoke and make loads of noise every afternoon are starting to drive me nuts. They dont stay out there long, but for someone working at home, it’s sooo distracting and annoying.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    I agree that parents need to be responsible for their children’s behavior as well as their own. Which reminds me of the time a few years ago when my husband and I decided to try a new French restaurant on Henry Street. Sitting next to us were two parents with their child. The parents decided that it was “story time” at the restaurant and proceeded to read ALOUD from a storybook to their child therefore ruining a much needed peaceful quiet evening out. I could not believe that these parents could be so rude.
    I used to take my two girls out to eat when they were 2 and 5 years old. When the toddler was finished eating and stood up on her chair, it was time to goooooooo!
    I don’t fault the children. It’s the parents I have the problem with.

  • willowbubb

    wait can we please talk about this super ?! this is insane !!

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Mr T,
    I wondered myself why no one called the police. If someone tried to take my dog, you would have heard me screaming all the way to New Jersey!

  • Ex-heightster

    I realized the hysterical rant was against the parent.

    Also, the employee should have informed the parent, not scolded the child herself.

  • Ex-heightster

    Sounds like the super’s father at 99 Joralomon is having geriatric/mental issues. He’s acting over the line, and some helpful intervention is likely needed.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    If the parent was monitoring their child the employee would not have had to scold the child.
    Again we ask, where are the parents?

  • Pierrepont

    Even though it is a windy Friday night, why on Earth is there a car alarm blazing away on Montague Street?! it has been doing so (on and off) for the last 30 minutes.

    Guess it is time to call 311 and get the darn thing towed away!

  • Knight

    To follow up on Willow St. Neighbor’s last point: remember that the volunteer at the Brooklyn Women’s Exchange was on the other side of a plate glass window. For the child’s own safety, there was no time to leave the shop and find the parent. Shooing away the child was the most appropriate response in my opinion.

  • hicks-ter

    Is there a Ryan Mattison out there? I’ve started getting your issues of The Economist, bearing your name but my address. You might want to correct the error. Or let me know how to reach you!