Traffic Snarl At Cadman Plaza & Pierrepont: Just In Time For Evening Rush

One nitwit driver, six fire engines… A motorist behind the wheel of a Dodge SUV apparently decided the 4 p.m. hour Tuesday would be an ideal occasion to drive over a median strip along Cadman Plaza West at the intersection of Pierrepont Street, snarling traffic just in time for the evening rush.

The female driver, who was by herself in the silver Dodge Journey, was making a left turn from Piereppont and drove clear over a triangular concrete median on Cadman Plaza West, which dismantled the majority of her front bumper and left the SUV lodged across the median. At least a half dozen fire engines responded, as the driver remained inside the car, unscathed, albeit perhaps in need of remedial driver training.

When BHB questioned a Fire Department crew member about what had gone down at the scene, adding, “Are you kidding me?” the officer’s response was, “You’re seeing the same thing we are,” accompanied by a dedicated smirk. That would be about the same time the word “nitwit” appeared in your reporter’s mind’s eye… recognizing that utilizing such language on the Brooklyn Heights Blog might be deemed editorializing… albeit the god’s honest truth, yes?

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  • David on Middagh

    Because that doesn’t look like a Trans Am.

  • epc

    The comment at 6:33 isn’t by me.

  • ronr

    Six fire engines????
    that’s the snarl..
    .A Police car and tow truck would have been the appropriate.. response

  • Hicks St Guy

    FDNY was on their way to dinner shopping!