Sniff This: Columbia Heights Is Brooklyn’s “Millionaire’s Row”

The New York Daily News recently declared Columbia Heights in Brooklyn Heights as New York City’s “off-the-radar” Millionaire’s Row, following the sale of 212 Columbia Heights for $11 million. The story just keeps gaining traction, most recently picked up by Haute Living, Forbes and The Atlantic. Sniff that!

The six-block “leafy street bordering the Brooklyn Heights Promenade,” says the Daily News, was dubbed the most expensive row of brownstones in Brooklyn real estate, with its views of Lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Atlantic post reads, “Does this herald a new era in Brooklyn? Let’s call it the post-post-artisanal age. And with it, let’s ask the question: If the wealthy hedge-funders we moved to Brooklyn to get away from have now moved to Brooklyn, where are we to go? Back to Manhattan?”

The previous owner of 212 Columbia Heights said, “Brooklyn was always considered a poor step child to Manhattan, but now it is really coming into its own.” This is news?

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  • Gerry

    This is news?

    Back when a million bucks was a million bucks the wealthy lived on Columbia Heights.

    It must be a slow news day

  • JC

    Don’t kid yourself… many millionaires in the Heights. On and off Columbia Heights.

  • carol

    The photo looks more like Montague Terrace than Columbia Heights – a beautiful block as well. Does this come under the heading of all millionaire streets look alike?

  • GHB

    You are correct Carol… facing Remsen Street

  • Gerry

    We live in a world where a million bucks is the cost of a house and a car regretfully a million bucks is not that much money.

  • GHB

    Now THAT’S Columbia Heights!

  • mark

    It must be a slow news day…Columbia Heights townhouses have always been big $$…did someone just now figure it out? haha…
    and not start a war, but that is Columbia Heights…it’s the corner of C.H and Pineapple…