Jehovah’s Witnesses Unload Columbia Heights Carriage House—$3M Under Asking

A second building in the Jehovah’s Witnesses Brooklyn Heights real estate collective has sold for $3 million less than its original asking price. Curbed reports that a 4,172-square-foot carriage house at 165 Columbia Heights Street (between Clark and Pierrepont streets), was asking $7.2 million in 2008, and sold for $4.1 million, according to city records. It comprises two apartments with a four-car garage. The buyer is a trust in the names of Anita Driscoll Feiger and George Feiger. Corcoran brokered the deal.

The Watchtower folks are currently peddling seven more Brooklyn Heights properties, which have a combined asking price of $18.8 million, in preparation for their move to a new compound in Warwick, N.Y. The first property in the portfolio to sell, 50 Orange Street, moved for $7.1 million in January, with an original asking price of $7.4 million.

Still on the market: two townhouses on Orange and Willow streets; two brownstones on Willow and Remsen streets; a 20-unit apartment building on Orange Street; and a 13-unit and seven-unit building on Columbia Heights.

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  • Ex-Heightster

    Bye-bye cult.

  • Vinny

    As a 15 year Zealous Person for Jehovah (and elder) here is my own story.

  • RemsenGal

    Daaang… Wish I could afford this bad boy. I have always admired this adorable little carriage house!

  • resident

    For those looking to limit housing on pier 6, this is good news. Not that this property will even make a dent in the square footage requirement to avoid development, but rather, when combined with news of the last sale, it appears that Watchtower is beginning to move off their ridiculous pricing for their properties.

  • Alex

    Looks like the Watchtower is positioning itself for the next 130 years of its history, showing the lost souls of this world that the end is ‘just around the corner’!
    I guess they don’t realize how they look to the general public.

  • Andrew Porter

    Another too-small (hence seriously pixelated) photo on the BHB. Chuck Taylor, if that’s your photo, get a better camera!

  • emeth

    Adorable carriage house. I wish the new owners a lot of joy! But it will take a while more before the Watchtower Society will move completely out of Brooklyn since their new facilities upstate are not ready yet.

    Besides that they are not in dire need for money.

  • Fritz

    What about the Bossert?

  • dera

    Sad when Religioin turns into expensive Real Estate, while collecting money from poor uneducated Watchtower door to door unpaid salespersons

  • DanVince

    Interesting article, can’t believe the prices! It would be nice to read the article without all the anti JW ranting though. They were good neighbors for a long time.

  • GHB

    Good neighbors? My good neighbors pay taxes. My good neighbors support local businesses. I must say that they’re great at clearing their sidewalks, although it doesn’t much matter this winter.

  • emeth

    @jennifer Get your facts straight. The Jehovah’s Witnesses ARE growing in the US. Over 2010 their USA increase in membership was 3%. According to the PEW institute they are the fastest growing christian denomination within the US. So they do need more and bigger accomodations.

  • M C Greene

    @Kenny AND @Jennifer, it was the Pew Poll numbers that reflected the great increase. This breaks down to close to 200 new ones per day.

    It is that you do not want to acknowledge Jehovah’s Witnesses are growing.

    The publishing part of the organization is restructuring to provide for the increasing demand for literature. That is one of the reasons we are moving from NYC. We need more room to expand that NYC cannot provide.

    Yes the amounts of money are huge for the properties. So is everything else about NYC. Those properties are known to be well maintained. Something that cannot be said for many properties there or anywhere in the country.

  • Alex

    DanVince said: “Interesting article, can’t believe the prices! It would be nice to read the article without all the anti JW ranting though.”

    Maybe if one could read the Watchtower and other JW publications without all the anti church hate then they would gain others respect.

    PS. Nice groups don’t turn families against each other and divide them.

  • emeth


    I mentioned the PEW institute. Another thing is that surveys done by independent parties reveal much more people who say of themselves they are ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses’ than the watchtower society itself is claiming.

    And for your information i am living in the Netherlands, Europe. i dont know any Steve.

    Anyway Jehovah’s Witnesses do keep their numbers low when they count since only those who regularly go from house to house and door to door are counted as active members. If they would count visitors on conventions the number would be around 15 million worldwide. So the 7.7 million followers they are proclaiming to have is a very modest statement.

  • emeth

    @Alex – u said ” Nice groups don’t turn families against each other and divide them.”

    It is not a group who is doing the dividing. Its the biblical truth and the opposer of that truth that makes the division. And that must not be a surprise to you.

    Jesus said: “34 Do not think I came to put peace upon the earth; I came to put, not peace, but a sword. 35 For I came to cause division, with a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a young wife against her mother-in-law. 36 Indeed, a man’s enemies will be persons of his own household. 37 He that has greater affection for father or mother than for me is not worthy of me; and he that has greater affection for son or daughter than for me is not worthy of me. – Matthew 10:34-37

  • Master Of Middagh

    @Jennifer- Don’t confuse wealth with a paucity of spirit. The Catholic Church may be a successful organization, but they are also the religion most known for charitable works benefiting the very poorest the of the poor. Comparing them to the insidious Witnesses (who are hoping everyone but them suffers on Judgment Day) makes no sense at all.

  • Raymond

    Love the comments about how rich the JW organization is. People complaining that building that are the best maintained in the area sell for such good prices.

    If this was any other church nobody would care how much they sold for. Come off it people these are properties that will be back on the tax roles and allow the park to go forward without housing included. What a great timing for the city for these buildings to be sold!

    And for those complaining about the money, think about this. Ever see a limo taking the leaders to the airport to fly in a private jet? Do the leaders live in mansions and multi-million dollar homes? Is the churches and headquaters of this religion full of gold, silver and expensive paintings?

    For those complaining about them as nieghbors how about this. Will the new owners of these building keep them as good as this owner? Will the new owners take care of the outside-streets, sidewalks and community areas? Will the new residents really offer as much financial income as the residents now or the thousands of visitors each year?

    Just something to think about.

  • John

    George Feiger made his money scamming clients at Zions Bank. I believe he is now moving to this new place because he has been fired due to losing over $70 million for the bank and destroying hundreds of client relationships.

  • Jacob Taylor

    The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society publishes Bibles and religious books. Jehovah’s Witnesses carry a bible based message to their neighbors. They, Jehovah’s Witnesses, who number in the millions, DO pay property taxes (for their personal property), sales taxes as well as other taxes and government fees. As a standard of living, Jehovah’s Witnesses are honest, law-abiding citizens. Of course, no one is perfect, but Jehovah’s Witnesses go door-to-door as a service to a community that would benefit from the bible-based principles they carry in their door-to-door ministry. Have you ever given a Jehovah’s Witness five minutes at the door to hear for yourself what they have to say. Jehovah’s Witnesses are against no one! Of course, like most law-abiding citizens, they are against breaking the law, whether that be man’s laws or God’s laws. For the most part, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the individuals are reasonable, rational and prudent men and women who see themselves as community servants, carrying good and nourishing spiritual food to their neighbors. So, the next time a Jehovah’s Witness knocks at your door, give yourself a 5 minute break and listen to what they have to say. Then and only then are you qualified to make a judgement about Jehovah’s Witnesses for yourself. Five minutes is not a long time!

  • David on Middagh

    “Have you ever given a Jehovah’s Witness five minutes at the door to hear for yourself what they have to say.”

    Yep, I had a conversation with one about the anti-evolution bogusness to be found in the book he’d left me. I spoke, he listened, and maybe he learned something.

  • askduane

    What if we are right about Jesus Christ and you are wrong?For starters, 1914 makes sense once you do accurate research. This was the first major world war (WW1) that accurately changed the world as we know it. It’s a documented fact now.
    It is not intended for un-believers to see what happens in heaven first. That’s why everyone who does not agree, it’s because you can not see what we see in scripture. Your heart and minds are blinded by the light. It’s Ok, we understand. That’s why Jesus talks in parables to un-believers.

  • askduane

    Thanking God every day for the Watchtower Study Guides. I love being a Jehovah’s Witness. I love the Theocratic Ministry School they provide. I love Bethel. I love the Bible. I Love God’s Kingdom with Jesus Christ as the Ruling King of Kings.

    I’m glad the Watchtower is brain-washing my mind and heart. Why? Prior to becoming a Jehovah’s Witness, my brain and heart was filthy dirty with the world system of things, idols and traditions of men and not of God.
    With the help of the Watchtower bible lessons my brain, and heart is cleaned up now so God can do a good work in me. So every time someone bad mouths the WT, this brings me closer to God and Christ and makes me want more learning from the WT and Awake magazines. I love it.

  • Master Of Middagh

    @askduane- For some people, being ordered what to do and think is the only thing that will pull them out of a spiral of self-destructive behavior. That’s why a stint in the military or even a prison can do a world of good for folks lacking self-discipline. I’m genuinely glad you got yourself cleaned up. Hopefully, you will someday find the strength to think for yourself again as well…

  • Arch Stanton

    I too am thankful for the JWs, They help take all those idiotic zombies out of mainstream life. I think of it as kind of a depository for morons that otherwise might be programed by some other more annoying or treacherous cult. Personally, I’d rather be a heroin junkie than a Jo-ho.