Brooklyn Heights Woman Latest Identified 9/11 Victim

Karol Ann Keasler, a Brooklyn Heights resident who was 42 and engaged to be married at the time of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, where she worked, is now the 1,633rd victim of the disaster whose remains have been identified.

New York Daily News: THE REMAINS of a globe-trotting Brooklyn Heights woman whose journeys took her to Tuscany, Asia and Africa have finally been identified.

Karol Ann Keasler, 42, a bride-to-be who volunteered in a soup kitchen and read novels to the elderly, was finally identified by the city’s chief medical examiner on Friday.

There are 1,270 presumed victims of the attacks whose remains have yet to be identified. In 2005, according to the Daily News article, some of Ms. Keasler’s personal effects were found at the Trade Center site, and given to her sister, Susan.

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  • stuart


    I think she live on Grace Court?

  • stuart

    sorry, I meant to write: I think she lived on Grace Court.

  • CrankyOne

    I can’t believe it’s been over ten years since that day. RIP>

  • Local Coffee

    And she was engaged to be married when it happened and would be 52 or so today. It really is astonishing how the time has elapsed. And here we are in Brooklyn Heights watching the new tower rising up, two miles away in plain view. And they are still identifying people.
    RIP Karol. She sounds like a thoughtful human being.