Squadron Eyeing Run for Borough Prexy?

According to the Brooklyn Paper State Senator Daniel Squadron (D), whose 25th Senate District encompasses Brooklyn Heights and much of Brooklyn along the East River, from Williamsburg south to Carroll Gardens, where he lives, as well as lower Manhattan, is rumored to be considering a run for Brooklyn Borough President in 2013. That’s when incumbent Marty Markowitz’s term ends, and he’s barred from running again by term limits.

Squadron’s term as Senator ends this year. It’s doubtful that he will face a serious primary challenge and, in this district, the Democratic nomination is practically tantamount to election. It therefore seems almost certain that he will run for re-election to the Senate and win. The Brooklyn Paper article reports that State Senator Eric Adams (D-Prospect Heights), who has already announced his candidacy for Borough President, will run for re-election to the Senate this year. Our guess is that Squadron’s decision on a run for Beep will hinge on whether the Democrats regain control of the State Senate this coming November. If they do, he will be in a position to do much more as a Senator than he will if his party continues to be in the minority.

Besides Adams, the only other announced candidate for Beep is Markowitz protege Carlo Scissura. Others who, according to the Brooklyn Paper, are considering the run are “Assemblyman Nick Perry (D–Flatbush) and City Councilmembers Dominic Recchia (D–Coney Island) and Letitia James (D–Fort Greene).”

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  • Knight

    It’s a job that requires really no qualifications other than charisma and a deep love of all things Brooklyn … and I don’t think Squadron has either. Marty Markowitz will leave behind big shoes to fill!

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Knight, you are so right. There is only one Marty.

    Where is Ralph Kramden when you need him. And Art Carney can boogie:


  • EHinBH

    As freakish as he is, I do believe he has done a great deal to help Brooklyn. Will be missed. BUT, please take down those idiotic signs like ‘fuggedaboutit’ and others…

  • Reggie

    The office of borough president is something like being a chameleon; it takes on the color of its current occupant. It seems that after a decade of Marty the commenters above are no longer able to remember what it is like to have a borough president who actually cares about policy. Look across the East River if you need a reminder, and Stringer isn’t even the ideal model.

    EH, please, tell me what Marty has accomplished. Not what occurred while he was in office due to market forces and other factors not under his control, but things he actually made happen. You couldn’t possibly be referring to Atlantic Yards, could you?

    With the possible exception of Recchia, who is pretty old school, Squadron is far more substantial than any of the other people listed above. I think he would make an amazing borough president. However, I find the analysis in paragraph two more credible than the Brooklyn Paper report.

  • stuart

    The BP gets a fair amount of discretionary funds every budget cycle to spend as he sees fit. That alone makes the position far more substantive than many think.
    I have found Marty’s office, that is his staff, to be very helpful. They can assist residents with problems with city agencies or consumer issues.
    It’s an important political office and of course a potential springboard to higher office.

  • Homer Fink

    Three words folks:


  • T.K. Small

    You can further summarize that to “Deeee-licious!”.