Teresa’s Shows in Daily News Egg Race

NY Daily News

Teresa’s, the popular Polish/American eatery at 80 Montague Street (between Hicks and Montague Terrace) came in third in the paper’s citywide survey of egg breakfast offerings.

New York Daily News: Sometimes less is more, and such is the case at Teresa’s in Brooklyn Heights. The eatery has become famous in its own right, mostly for its well-executed, simple breakfast meals, like eggs any style ($4.95) or their steak and eggs with a side of Polish kielbasa for $7.95. The ambience is diner-like, the service, very friendly, and the prices — just right.

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  • hicks st guy

    don’t think it’s “diner-like” at all.

  • Ex-Heightster

    Agreed, but the ambiance is a better than “diner-like”, maybe “European-cafe-dinerish”, or something like that, I would say.

    Moreover, I’d always found the place to be very clean & bright, with friendly staff too! it’s certainly a lot more than just a breakfast place as well, & they do provide alcohol.

    (Also note how the dish in the picture is served with healthy tomatoes instead of a mountain of greasy home-fries like most everywhere else. That’s the way to do it!)

  • Josh G

    I love Teresa’s.. best breakfast in Brooklyn Heights.

  • Livingston

    I love Teresa’s! With my East European family background, I go there whenever I have a yen for some home-cooking. But there’s definitely something for everyone on the menu, and it’s always tasty..

  • Monty

    If you like Teresa’s, head down Court St to Karloff in Cobble Hill. It’s more Russian than Polish, but has similar offerings and much higher quality. Slightly more expensive, but still very affordable.

  • bklyn girl

    @josh – you’ve got to be kidding? Best breakfast at Brooklyn Hts? I’ve been there maybe 5 times in my 12+ years living in the heights and the food is mediocre and the service is horrendous! You should try Iris Cafe, Jack the Horse or Colonie… yes they’re a bit more upscale, but even Clark’s dinner is better and friendlier than Teresa’s!

  • Knight

    bklyn girl … its hard to believe you’re talking about the same Teresa’s! One of the things I really like about the place is the friendly and efficient service. And although I don’t go there much for breakfast (I still think the best breakfast in the Heights is at home with my family), I find their dinner selections to be quite good.

  • EHinBH

    TOTALLY mediocre. Pretty good perogies. Would never go there for dinner — unless we wanted omlettes…

  • here

    Clarks is hands down the best breakfast. Friendly and fast and an outstanding breakfast wrap.

  • Knight

    The pierogies are good because it’s Eastern European cuisine. That’s what Teresa’s serves: Eastern European dishes. Would you go into Baluchi’s and criticize the lasagna?!

  • princess

    Teresa’s and Clark’s are both YUMMY and inexpensive. We trade off going to one, then the other. How lucky are we in Brooklyn Heights?