Open Thread Wednesday 1/25/12

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

Photo by Homer Fink via finkgram

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  • Master Of Middagh

    Is there anywhere nearby where a man can get himself a proper shave with a straight razor? I’m looking like a tiny version of Man Mountain Dean over here and I’d prefer to let a professional handle it.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Never been there but I’m sure many will recommend the barber at the St. Grorge.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Anyone think the ad running on BHB for the condos at 20 Henry Street (“in the heart of Brooklyn Heights”) is a bit silly? I mean, the nabe is small enough that pretty much anywhere is well-located, but geographically speaking, you can’t get much closer to the EDGE of Brooklyn Heights than 20 Henry — it’s about 50 feet from “the border” along Old Fulton!

  • David on Middagh

    Neat picture, Homer.

  • here

    Eastern Athletic or Dodge Y? Thanks!

  • SIRI

    “I couldn’t find any place near here.”

  • JoJo

    here: price is significantly different. EA has more weight machines and tends to be emptier, the Y tends to get busy and has everything I’ve ever needed in terms of pool, classes and equipment.

  • Knight

    Funny. He was the first one to come to my mind, too. He and the guy on Clinton & Joralemon are the last two old fashioned “barbers” around the nabe to my knowledge. And the guy in the St. George always has neighborhood current events to share!

  • CB

    Can someone please recommend a good tailor in the area (jeans, suit pans). I’m having difficulty finding someone through Yelp. Thank you!

  • T.K. Small

    Master: I use the barber at 105 Court St. I believe the shop is called Gamesman. Just to see what it was like, I had the old-fashioned straight razor shave. It worked out well enough, but I don’t remember the price. Probably about 6-8 dollars.

  • Rusty

    My boyfriend went to the barber on Clinton & Joralemon. Got both a haircut and a straight shave for $20 with tip. Both of us were pleased with the results

  • T.K. Small

    Since this is the open thread, I offer the observation that I do not like the “clustering” of the messages. Under the old system, I just needed to remember roughly where I left off and then read below that. Now it’s more difficult. Booooo…

  • DrewB

    I’ve had good sucess with the tailor on Henry right by the entrance to the Clark Street Station.

  • travy

    agreed tk!

  • wallard
  • weegee

    Rocky at the St. George still has his first straight razor, and has kept it on-edge all these years.

  • EHinBH

    Baluchi’s = meh. Most people dont go out for Indian in NYC — they get it delivered… And Curry Heights is the best. Will close in 2 years.

  • Josh G

    I need a plumber – can anyone make a good recommendation? Thx

  • Eddyenergizer

    What type of plumbing job is it?

  • Joe from Grace

    My wife wants to join the Heights Casino. Any advice?

  • sky

    I hate the Brooklyn Heights Association.

  • Hayley

    Curry Heights is our go-to also – don’t plan on switching over to Baluchis – I think Curry Heights is really good (even our Indian friends like it).

  • wallard

    Attend one of their receptions for prospective members. You’ll meet potential sponsors, see the interior, hear about their junior squash triumphs, and be told in no uncertain terms you’ll NEVER get a court time other than 7am on the fifth Sunday of the month.

  • chris

    Weiss plumbing on Atlantic. They always return calls, show up when promised and work quickly. When our hot water heater broke, they arrived on a Holiday in subfreezing weather, ordered and delivered a replacement and had it installed in about two hours.

  • Janeonorange

    I was looking for a cop this morning and could only find two traffic officers on foot and two other traffic patrol cars. I wandered all over Montague, Clinton and Court. It is not the first time. Does the 84th just not patrol our neighborhood?

  • Heights Mom

    Another creepy stalker sighting, this guy on the Promenade this am with one pant leg wound around as if he just got off a bike. A hoodie, but not hoodie guy. Stopped and stared at two women/kids walking.

  • willowstneigh

    I was a member of the Dodge Y for several months and during those months I was always unable to get on a machine.. there was always a line, most of the time at least 3 machines would be out of order, I have since moved to eastern athletic and pay less. There is a pool at eastern, spa, chiropractor etc. It is never crowded and the locker room is very clean. I recommend it.

  • willowstneigh

    I have been a member there since I was a kid.. or should i say my parents are memebers and I was along for the ride ( i was in 1st grade). I remember having an interview.. I think someone needs to recommend you to even have an interview there. I could be wrong.


    for cops? Well, just two days ago there was a van and a group of about six cops dressed in full battle gear hanging out in front of Starbucks on the corner of Joralemon and Court around noon. They all held menacing looking black machine guns. When asked what was going on they cheerfully replied, “Oh, this is just a show of force.” Oh, of course, this scares off….who?
    It’s like the old saw about the dog’s role is to keep lions away….what lions one asks? None, because the dog is so effective.
    As to the machine guns,. etc. is also a show of extremely stupid priorities when it comes to the real need for just plain patrolling a very busy neighborhood.

  • James

    Perhaps aimlessly wondering around the streets is not the most efficient way of find a police officer. You could always call the non emergency phone number for the precinct next time.