Update from Judy: Trash Collection Tomorrow

We’ve received this update from Judy Stanton of the Brooklyn Heights Association:

Dear Neighbors:

1) All regular trash will be collected tomorrow (Wednesday), starting possibly at 6 AM. Please disregard what you may be seeing on the DSNY website, and wait until after dark tonight to put your non-recycling trash out on the curb.

2) WEDNESDAY RECYCLING will be collected as per the norm.

3) Friday service will be as per the norm.

4) There will be NO garbage service next Monday, January 2.

5) Residents on streets with MONDAY RECYCLING service will have to wait another week until Tuesday, January 3rd. Monday recycling collection (only) will occur NEXT Tuesday, January 3rd. Please do not put it out on the curb until late Monday night.

6) Regular trash collection will resume Wednesday, January 4th, and you are asked to PLEASE wait until Tuesday after dark to put it on the curb.

Note: The information I sent on Sunday, as well as today’s update, comes from the Sanitation Department superintendent who is responsible for Brooklyn Heights. Unlike whatever you are finding on the DSNY website, BHA emails are neighborhood specific.

I wish all of you the best in 2012!

P.S. New Year’s Eve fireworks will be visible from the Promenade!

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  • http://j lois

    Thanks, Judy for the update. With the wind we had last night, Columbia Heights and other streets were littered with garbage bags and cans. The amount of recycles was huge, what with all the Christmas boxes and wrapping paper and the bottles and cans. The guy who picked up our paper recycles said he was from “out of town” – Staten Island! I can only imagine what it will be like next week on the blocks where recycles are picked up on Monday – two weeks of recycles. Hope there’s no snow before that.