Shake Shack Grand Opening

I make no bones about my love of Shake Shack—yes, the lines are long, but I will happily endure for their burgers. I even missed the first pitch thrown at Citi Field because I was waiting for a Shake Shack Burger. And I’d do it again. Especially because what have the Mets done for me lately?

Having said that, I completely forgot about Opening Day of Downtown Brooklyn’s Shake Shack until I saw Councilman Stephen Levin’s pics of the Burger Summit on his Facebook page. I was out of my apartment faster than you can say, “But what about the blotter, Heather?”

My friend Colleen (aka @grrlgenius) came with me. Pics after the jump.

Here’s the Burger Summit I was telling you about. (Photo courtesy Stephen Levin.)

This action shot is of Colleen opting for a healthier alternative to a burger—custard. At least, I think it’s a custard. It’s called a Concrete, and this one is named “Borough Precedent” after guess who? (I’ll give you one guess.) It has fruit in it so that’s healthy. Also granola. Because what says Marty Markowitz more than fruit and nuts? (oops, I just gave away the answer.)

I went for the classic Shack Burger—burger, lettuce, ShackSauce, and good ol’ American cheese. But hold the tomatoes because I hate those things. Also had fries and a yummy Black & White shake. I highly recommend pairing fries with a shake.

But aside from the great food (and quick wait—you get one of those vibrating things that alert you when your order is ready. Like in Olive Garden! Without the guilt of going to Olive Garden!) the service was terrific. I feel like the dining experience in New York leaves a lot to be desired, and one tends to expect even less at a fast food joint. But the employees were friendly, and after Colleen and I were finished, one offered to take our tray and asked how we liked everything. And seemed like she actually cared!

Who knows if the glory will last but for one brief shining moment, here in Downtown Brooklyn, there was … well, not Camelot. More like Fun Land. Which is even better.

Good-bye, Fun Land! Until tomorrow!

Some more pics:

People find love at Shake Shack.

I, however, love that stainless steel.

The interior is almost unrecognizable from the way it was as Tony’s Pizza.

And here’s your change. So long!

[They posted the menu outside, but there was too much glare, so I’ve posted the menu from their site. Shake Shack Menu]

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  • Claude Scales

    So good to see your by-line on BHB again, Heather. Blotter eagerly awaited.

  • Adam

    I love the idea of people finding love at Shake Shack. They should have a Valentine’s Day event, where they dim the lighting, and serve romantic burgers (whatever those might be).

  • Heather Quinlan

    I’m not sure what a romantic burger would be either, but their shakes are pretty darn sweet.

  • AEB
  • EHinBH

    Will take Five Guys over SS any day… Wish they had shakes though!

  • tb

    Ditto on the Five Guys although it’s nice to have SS in the neighborhood!

  • Wrennie

    I went to Five Guys on Montague ONCE. By the time I finished my 3-minute walk back to my apartment, the paper bag was completely soaked through with grease. Yuck.

    Shake Shack, please! (I, too, have missed opening innings at a Mets game while waiting in like for Shake Shack. Totally worth it.)

  • Matthew Parker

    The peanut butter milkshake at Shake Shack is to die for. Trust me.

  • Alex

    We are Shake Shack fans… frequent the Madison Sq Park spot. So, we went on Tuesday night for the BH opening. Really nicely done in terms of layout and vibe. Unfortunately, they may need to work a few kinks out of the grill line… the burger tasted like it was encrusted in salt and was almost inedible. We didn’t eat in, so we didn’t know this until we got all the way home, otherwise we would have let someone know. Hopefully, it was just opening night jitters and one of the grill masters making too heavy handed of a last salt pass before the burgers came off the flat top. The vanilla shake was tasty and helped cut the over salting. Looking forward to going back soon.

  • Eddyenergizer

    Just returned from Shake Shack, and I must say
    Maybe even, dare I say, a touch better than 5 Guys, However, the fries, while not as greasy, aren’t as good.

  • Victor Rivera

    Wrennie I know how you feel I had the same problem with the oil you had. It almost leaked on my cloths. The cap on my drink wasn’t sealed on right and that spilled five guys really annoys me in terms of food and service. I love shake shack much better in terms of the burger, fries and drink. service wise its much better it feels inviting people say hello when I walk through the door. I have been going 5 nights a week. The Shack is better then 5 guys, happy days, park plaza and the heights in terms of cooking food.

  • Matthew Parker

    See my Yelp review: