Shake Shack Opening This Week Sparks Chatter of Downtown Brooklyn Restaurant Row

BHB reader “Anna” writes:

Looks like the Shake Shack on Fulton Mall opening is imminent. Just walked by a little while ago — the “art project wall” is down and the menu is up. Peaked through a tear in the brown paper covering the glass windows and it looks all shiny and 95% read to go – plus quite a few people scurrying around looking very busy. Per an article in the NY Post, they are slated to open on Tuesday, but there is no announcement on the Shake Shack site.

That NY Post piece by Rich Calder bangs the drum about Downtown Brooklyn becoming a foodie heaven. Now before you scoff, gufaw or chuckle behold this passage:

NY Post: Also on deck is The Marrow, a new German/Italian restaurant by chef Harold Dieterle of “Top Chef” fame, slated to open in March at 231 Duffield Street, in a new hotel aptly called Hotel 718.

Check out the full list of eateries coming to Downtown Brooklyn (DoBro anyone?) here.

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  • stuart

    the blocks between Adams and Duffield will be undergoing a rapid transformation in the next two years. A dramatic change similar to what has happened on Atlantic Avenue the past few years. There is an influx of young people and their money in the area that will make itself felt on Fulton. The people who live in those huge new towers like the Oro, the Avalon, the Turen and all the others will need to shop somewhere.

  • Joey

    Couldn’t be more thrilled. Gives me a reason to come Downtown.

  • Matthew Parker

    In somewhat related news (the pizza and burgers category), I noticed that Grimaldi’s was open in their new location on Friday night. And there was a sizable line. No word what their oven is like.

  • Eddyenergizer

    The DOB allowed the coal oven, It is on NY1 today.

  • Andrew Porter

    Ooh, you’ve changed typefaces! In my experience, serif is always better to read than sans-serif. Just like steak is usually better than hamburger…

  • Matthew Parker

    Brooklyn Paper has the Grimaldi’s story:

    I wonder how the DOH gave them a coal oven exception?

  • Eddyenergizer

    Attache case full of cash…

  • stuart

    ….attache case full of cash.
    A timeless, classic gift that says so much.

  • Jen

    Too bad Gage &Tollner couldn’t have hung around for this resurgence, such a loss.

  • Anna

    UPDATE (Tues): Shake Shack is definitely open for business (11AM to 11PM). People are munching away inside, lines are forming (albeit not like Madison Square) and even a TV camera is rolling to capture this exciting culinary event.