Open Thread Wednesday 12/14/11

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

And we’ll see you tonight at the BHB Mixer at Vineapple!

BHB Photo Club pic by m.diane johnson

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  • WillowtownCop

    Did anyone else think Lou Reed’s version of the Raven at Book Court the other night was the worst ever? Who the hell is he to change the words? Interrupting himself to comment on the drawings also completely ruined the flow. I had a math teacher in high school who had it memorized and gave a spectacular performance.

  • bkheightsgal

    too much helicopter noise this night. I thought our elected officials worked to fix this problem.

  • Heightsmom

    Does anyone know what the helicopter hovering for quite a while last night over the intersection of Joralemon and Henry was all about?

  • Judith

    I believe the heicopters were over the courts for the arraignment of the cop killer.

  • Judith

    sorry – helicopters.

  • GHB

    Anybody agree that they could have removed the scraps of yellow “crime tape” tied to the cables that hold up our Promenade Christmas tree? It just looks shoddy.

  • David on Middagh

    This week’s photo: another wonderful and surreal threshhold!

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Those helicopters were hovering for hours. Do criminals get arraigned at 8:30PM?

  • Hicks St Guy

    look forward to the thing at VineApple tonight, just don’t
    bring any Fascati’s pizza.

  • JoJo

    Does any place in the neighborhood do a canned food drive for the holidays?

  • Livingston

    Loved the Bach in the Heights concert at Zion Lutheran Church this past Sunday. A real treat and well attended. Looking forward to future concerts.

  • Knight

    @JoJo: I think most churches do. I know that Assumption Catholic Church on Cranberry Street has a table in the back (year-round) for that purpose. The goods get distributed to other parishes in Brooklyn that have food pantries for the poor.

  • AmyinBH

    The helicopter noise was a bit much last night. Was it the police or news?

  • Claude Scales

    JoJo: Grace Church also maintains a collection box for donations of canned and other non-perishable goods for Christian Help in Park Slope (CHIPS).

  • nabeguy

    WSNeighbor, when it comes to a cop killer, they get arraigned as quickly as charges have been determined.

  • weegee

    Criminal Court does arraignments until 1:00 a.m.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Thanks for the info on the arraignment.

  • AEB

    Re the photo above, behind door #1 a very large anteater. Behind door #2….

    I think I need rest.

  • Heather Quinlan

    @The Whozzit – Metallica jumped the shark when they cut a record with Lou Reed.

  • Anon

    Very, very very sad on so manny levels

    A few months ago, Ms. Hart and her boyfriend moved from their apartment on Carmine Street in Greenwich Village to a townhouse in Brooklyn Heights. At her old building on Carmine Street where Ms. Hart lived for almost 10 years described her as an affable, straightforward person who seemed to have little to hide.

  • http://j lori

    Can anyone recommend a B&B in the Heights? Also, any comments on all the new hotels in the downtown area? Thanks.

  • Willowwillow

    I know that this is probably a shot in the dark… but I saw a black and white tuxedo cat down by willow place.. it did have tags… but perhaps it could be beebop and someone took him in? I didn’t get a good look at the face to look for the distinct marking… but one never knows.

  • Cathy

    @WilowWillow: The Merz family also has a Tuxedo that is an indoor/outdoor cat. I believe they have tags on their cat. They live at the end of Willow Place near the Garage. We are asking everyone who lives in that area to please check their decks/porches/garages/
    basements, etc. just in case BeeBop has been coming in and out of a space with outside access to food. $500 Reward/No Questions Asked. Doe Sherman of the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition has kindly volunteered to pick him up immediately if anybody finds him. She can be reached at I hope everyone has Happy Holidays! Again my number is 917-837-6899 if anybody has any information. Thank you.

  • OrangeJulius

    I have been meaning to plug City Chemist on Montague.

    I recently switched all of my prescriptions from CVS to City Chemist
    and I am so glad I did.

    No lines, no waiting. The people are the same 3 guys, very friendly and professional. You will not believe how good the customer service is — I can’t think of any other place that is as pleasant.

    This is a great little shop and pharmacy and I really recommend that others support it.

  • harumph

    @lori – We frequently use the Marriott for our family that come in from out of town – clean, decent rooms and good facilities (nice pool) and so close to Brooklyn Heights.

  • JustANeighbor

    Lori, it’s not a B&B but check out the Nu Hotel near downtown..

  • mlo

    Yes there is a similar black/white cat that comes into the yards that back Willow and Hicks Streets. That cat has tags and its name is Sparkles. The face markings are also different. I had mistaken it for BeeBop over the summer -but it was not..

  • Doe S

    Just wanted to clarify that if BeeBop is located our rescue group will come help trap him. We can be reached directly at 718 360-9918 and . Dorothy/Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition .

  • Cat

    Where is Heather, and the police blotter?

  • mlo

    Hey Cathy this might be worth checking if you havent already- On Columbia Street- a bit past Atlantic but before you get to say Alma’s not sure the exact cross street but there’s a very crazy guy who sits on the sidewalk outside the fence between the street and the waterfront area. Inside the fence (you can see there’s an opening where two sections of fence meet but the fencing is draped in tarp along that area. There’s a whole bunch of cats that he or some one else feeds that seem to live back there- anyway it might be worth taking a look.