St. Ann’s Warehouse to Stay in DUMBO

The Times’ “ArtsBeat” blog reports that St. Ann’s Warehouse Theater, which is slated to leave its present location to make way for the Dock Street Project, and which lost its bid to build new space in the Tobacco Warehouse, has signed a lease that will allow it to relocate to 29 Jay Street, also in DUMBO. The story quotes Susan Feldman, St. Ann’s artistic director, as saying the theater will continue to look for “a more permanent home.”

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  • AEB

    Excellent news!

  • Andrew Porter

    Maybe they can finally drop the first part of their name; they haven’t been at St. Ann’s Church in well over a decade.

  • Claude Scales

    Andrew, there’s a substantial amount of goodwill attached to that name, so they would be foolish to change it. I don’t think St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church has any objection to their use of it.

    BTW, the BHB Dashboard shows that yours is the 60,000th comment on the Blog. While no prize has been offered for this distinction, if you show up at the BHB gathering at Vineapple Wednesday evening, I’ll buy you the beverage of your choice.

  • AEB

    (Drat! Missed by ONE POST! Is there a consolation prize? A Diet Coke?)

  • Buggs Bunny

    Let’s get a recount.

  • Andrew Porter

    Pineapple wine, vintage Dec. 2011? Sure. See you there.