Holy Kuntzman! Gersh Leaves Brooklyn Paper

Gersh Kuntzman is leaving the Brooklyn Paper to join the CUNY School of Journalism to teach and to oversee its joint effort with the NY Times on The Local – Fort Greene.

While no successor has been named, inside money says the paper’s Vince Dimicelli is a likely candidate.

Kuntzman tells the NY Observer, “The idea that The Brooklyn Paper could fall into bad hands is just a fallacy.”

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  • Publius

    The Brooklyn Paper is already in bad hands. It’s owned by Murdoch.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    I think the paper will survive the loss.

  • Elmer Fudd

    Completely agree with both of the above comments. Absolutely true.

  • David on Middagh

    I just assumed that GK’s own comment was saying, less baldly, the same as Publius’.

    I have enjoyed the Brooklyn Paper under Gersh Kuntzman’s editorship. I grab the new edition every Friday at the Montague St. Key Food. I am willing to spill loose ads into the street to read this paper. I love the splashy headlines, the shameless wordplay, the elevation of hyperlocal semi-events to capital-N News. Gersh & crew really sell it! And by “it” I mean the stuff that happens around us, *whether important or not*.

    I’m proud of my free neighborhood rag, and I always keep a copy around for my visiting house guests to peruse. (That copy is Feb. 8-14, 2008. My line is that it only looks yellow because of the lighting.)

  • Bob Stone

    I’d like to think that Gersh is cleansing himself from a couple of years of Murdoch. Or maybe it was just a good career move. Whatever the motive, he has my thanks for producing an entertaining paper that I never missed reading. And he deserves even more appreciation for his powerful editorial stands against the privatization of Brooklyn Bridge Park and the everything connected with Ratnerville.

    Best of everything, Gersh.