Brooklyn Artists John & Jane Displaying Oil Paintings At Overtures

Local artists and married couple John Lloyd and Jane Talcott are exhibiting their oil paintings—which capture the architecture, streets, waterfront and gardens of Brooklyn Heights—at Overtures Gift Shop at 216 Hicks Street, through the end of the year.

The 25-year Brooklyn residents both studied art and began painting five years ago—and married last year. Both are familiar fixtures in the neighborhood, poised with their easels and brushes.

Lloyd tells BHB, “I am inspired by the beautiful unique architecture of so many of the buildings and surprising vistas that open up when one walks around the neighborhood. Everywhere you can feel the unique history—evocative of stories. You understand why so many writers live here, because the Heights is so friendly to the imagination.”

And Talcott: “The Heights streets have a beautiful canopy of trees that create an effect of soft lighting and play upon the earth colors of the buildings. I love the wraparound gardens that set a stage for buildings beyond. It’s nice to look at Manhattan from a peaceful garden bench on the Promenade, enjoying the flowerbeds and serenity and gazing upon the ‘still life’ of downtown, watching the light effects on the buildings shifting throughout the day.”

Their paintings and gift cards can also be purchased at Daphne Fine Art & Custom Framing at 154 Montague Street. See John and Jane’s wondrous local paintings at

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