Hotel/Housing Design Proposals Revealed for Brooklyn Bridge Park


Last night at Borough Hall, Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation (BBPDC) representatives publicly revealed seven responses to the previously announced Request for Proposals (RFP) for a developer to build and operate a hotel and market priced residential housing on two reserved development parcels in Brooklyn Bridge Park near Pier 1.  Representatives presented slide visuals  to the general public, the BBP Citizens Advisory Council, and Community Board 2 Parks Committee members. Following the presentation there was a question and comments period.

The BBPDC slide presentation provides renderings of each developer’s proposal.  Click to view the presentation (PDF/40mg).

The selection process now enters a month-long public comment period.  What do you think about the proposals?  Applause, criticism, favorite designs?  The public is welcome to submit comments. And of course let’s also hear what everyone thinks through BHB comments below.

The Brooklyn Paper also has an article about last night’s meeting and development presentation.


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  • Andrew Porter

    Climate change. Wasn’t there a recent report that said by 2020—less than 10 years from now—nor’easters and other weather events will cause massive flooding in the subways and areas just above high tide level. And sea levels in this area are rising faster than in other places along the coasts…

  • Anon

    Where were you when Senator Squadron gave up his veto over housing inside the park, allowing this to happen? Did you get involved with the Brooklyn Bridge Defense Fund’s law suit to prevent housing inside the park? Did you testify about alternative ways to fund this park, as many means were found that would have prevented this debacle? It is probably too late but tell those that made this happen what you think: Call Squadron at 212-298-5565 and Joan Millman at 718-246-4889. Instead of whining, DO SOMETHING!

  • nidky215

    Gee.. this is a total disgrace…

  • nidky215

    2nd thoughts.
    Parks are supposed to be for the 100%.. this project is for the 1%
    I suggest all designs be rejected.. they are brought to you by Mike Bloomberg aka
    Robert Moses the second and his handmaidens. Dan Squadron and ultimate bureaucrat Regina Meyer

  • bklyn20

    Again we have an unfair process run by arrogant bureaucrats. The BBPC will not reveal who is on the evaluation committee — although I’m pretty sure there will be no “civilians” involved.

    There is no concern about overcrowding local schools – when questioned on this topic the answer was “look at the EIS” which is 7 years old, and was also paid for by the BBPC. PS 8 is full even with the extension. The local private schools have waiting lists. As far as Dock Street goes, that is a middle school for all of District 13 and will be little if any help to local parents. And do we want to give the Walenti another chance to screw up the view of the Brooklyn Bridge?

    Let us not forget — positive comments on “what you like about the buildings” are most appreciated by the park planners. ow bout no housing? Many people believe there should be NO housing in the park — or at least no newly built housing — and only a small extended-stay type of hotel as was planned originally, if any. The BBP factotums are paid with our tax dollars, so why are they dictating all the rules?

    A less bloated park plan free of Starchitecture is called for here. If you want a park that appears to be dressing for condomall, keep quiet and you will get your wish.

  • bklyn20

    “How about no housing, ” I meant — but then you knew that.

  • Y

    What’s the chance that Two Trees gets the winning bid by default?

  • Daffy Duck

    Any foolish bets on 2 Trees not getting the proposal? Who smells money?

  • TMS

    The infrastructure of the neighborhood cannot support so many new families and tourists. I mentioned public schools in an earlier post… 30 Henry, 20 Henry and the Pier 1 Housing families — beware!! PS8 is busting at the seams as it is, and private school wait lists are long. Shouldn’t these developers be required to help fund new schools before they build? How do we go about requesting this?

  • Reggie

    TMS, if you are going to use the word “require,” then you are talking about a law, which means you need to contact legislators. Councilman Stephen Levin represents Brooklyn Heights.

  • mlo

    An excellent visual exercise in the total inappropriateness…..

  • RemsenGal

    Wow. These all SUCK! The least offensive is that Starwood conglomeration but even still, they’re all huge and gross and screw up the view of the bridge. So unfortunate.

  • mlo

    We really shouldn’t let this happen

  • nicky215

    Dan Sqadron just sent out 2 mailers we paid for. In both of these he took credit for saving the park. Is he for real?

  • Matthew Parker

    Here’s your chance to tell it to the powers that be:


    A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation will be held on Monday, December 5, 2011 at approximately 12:00 PM, at the Corporation’s offices at 334 Furman Street (at Joralemon Street), Brooklyn, NY 11201.This meeting is open to the public.

  • mlo

    remember the warehouse along the end of Furman was only 1 story high

  • mlo

    I can’t make that meeting but question whether it makes a difference. They are going to build no matter what people want and no matter what alternatives are proposed for maintaining the park. Its not about the park or about Brooklyn Heights or people this is GREED in the form of real estate development.

    Would taking surveys and/or obtaining signatures do anything worthwhile at this point?

  • Eddyenergizer

    mlo, yes indeed, totally inappropriate. It is sad the park is heading in this direction but I guess it was inevitable…

  • mlo

    Compare with development in Red Hook – they’re rebuilding their neighborhood & waterfront in keeping with the original integrity- and its sucessful & lovely-
    There’s a fantastic supermarket, lots of new small businesses that are doing well, spaces for the arts…Liberty Warehouse-an outragous banquet facility right on the water with spectaular views and new waterfront park spaces- they’ve kept the original shells and created a thriving environment of living and business spaces.
    Most waterfronts that are sucessful in drawing people in are charming & quaint in their restoration. Its done with care and respect for its history and its presence. – This area was a historic waterfront and should keep that integritywe are voting YAY for a horrendou-rich in history. We are allowing developers to come in and treat it however they want. We will wind up with a corporate wet dream waterfront- sadly that land is deserving of something much better than that.