FDNY Responds to Smoke on Hicks Street


BHB tipster “Jason” sent us this photo of the FDNY responding to what appears to be smoke coming out a a manhole or sewer on Hicks Street near Joralemon and Grace Court today around 3:20 pm.

BHB reader “Andrew” informs us that the smoke was preceded by an explosion.

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  • RobertS

    Transformer fire. Large explosion about 20 minutes ago. NYFD on the scene, awaiting ConEd.

  • Villager

    Isn’t this where they’ve [ConEd] been repeatedly closing off the street for “repairs?”

  • stuart

    have people lost power?

  • Hugh

    It seemed to start in front of 261 Hicks Street. There were flames shooting out/up about 1-2 feet from a small circular 4-6″ metal cap in the sidewalk. This died down after about 10m, and at the same time, smoke starting coming out from the street grates at Hicks/Joralemon and Hicks/Grace Court Alley.

    Thanks to the firemen who responded quickly from the station one block over.

    Con Edison had been working in the area off and on especially at Hicks/Joralemon. Not sure who it was, but somebody did dig up the street along the Grace Church side to put something down a week or two ago.

  • Daffy Duck

    They were probably roasting too many turkey dinners at Grace Church for tomorrow. (ha, ha)

    Hope everyone has wonderful holidays.

  • wrennie

    I just walked through there and it smelled like burnt terribleness. Maybe rubber?

  • gracecourt

    Just lost power on Grace Court. Heard that ConEd says power should be restored in about 2 hours.

  • tb

    Windows were blown out (or just shaken out) from the explosion. Crazy.

  • Heights

    Is the power back yet?

  • RobertS

    Still out, at least at 60 Remsen. According to our doorman, they were sAying 1 to 3 hours when they shut it off.

  • Ernie

    Power on Grace Court is back. At 7pm we asked the Con Ed/NYFD who were at Grace and Hicks how long…they said 5 to 6 hours. It took a little over 4 hours to get all power back to the end of Grace Court.

  • Gerry

    @ RobertS – its FDNY and not NYFD!

  • GHB

    @Gerry, did pointing that out 16 hours later really make you feel better?

  • nabeguy

    GHB, I’ll answer for Gerry….oN.

  • Gerry

    @ GHB, golly I was just trying to help?

    You made and error and I corrected that I would be appreciative but you are hyper-sensitive about this erroe?

    And 16 minutes or 16 hours does not change the fact that it is FDNY and not NYFD.

    And youre welcome GHB dont mention it.

  • David on Middagh

    And then there are those of us who gnash our teeth at missing commas and eschewed apostrophes.

  • weegee

    Ah, the good ol’ Tweed charter. 141 years later, and still relevant! Yeah, it stopped being “NYFD” in 1865, spent a few years as the state-run “MFD” (Metropolitan), before becoming the city-run “Fire Department of the City of New York” that we know today.

  • Gerry

    @weegee – thank you very much I did not know that FDNY had been MFD at one time.

    I learn something new every day!