Open Thread Wednesday 11/16/11

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

P.S. Don’t forget the BHB/Brooklyn Bugle mixer tonight (11/16) at Vineapple. Details here.

Photo by Mrs. Fink

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  • harumph

    Oh good lord, the head master at Packer has just announced the Occupy Subway – including Borough Hall starting at 3:00

  • JustANeighbor

    Now that the protestors are here in Cadman Plaza Park and all over Clark Street with their signage, please AmyinBH, ask your question again..maybe people will feel differently now.

  • BH’er

    Why is it a big deal if the NYPD spends a couple million dollars in police overtime because of OWS?

    Even without OWS, there would something keeping these guys busy – this is money well spent

    There’s more spent every time Obama or the head of some small country comes to NYC

    And, for a city with a budget in the billions, it’s good to spend some pocket change making sure that the people can exercise their free speech, especially under the circumstances we see today

  • Jorale-man

    I just saw “Melancholia” by Lars Von Trier. Amazing film. I hope BH Cinema is able to bring it in. It’s one that should be up for a lot of awards this winter. I’m also eager to see Le Havre and the Artist looks intriguing.

  • David on Middagh

    A crane is blocking Hicks St. between Middagh and Poplar. I saw I-bars being lifted onto PS8’s roof (the older building, not the new addition) and wondered if a floor were being added! The construction on PS8 seems unending.

  • http://OccupyBoroughHall Heightsguy

    Fumes in building are indeed scary and might constitute what’s termed a “constructive eviction”, one should get a letter from a lawyer threatening to put rent in escrow, if the landlord does not respond. Work with other persons in the building.

  • Alanna

    thanks all! I spoke with Super and it’s due to blocked chimney. The landlord has yet to call someoen to come clean it ($$$) and super failed to inform the building NOT to use the fireplaces and someone used it the other night. I have placed a call to landlord again and have asked my lawyer friends to draft up a letter. I don’t want to withhold rent in an illegal fashion but the repairs must be made. I hope (think) this is the right way to go about this. thanks.

  • Eddyenergizer

    Alanna, A blocked chimney is very dangerous condition, it could result in deaths from Carbon Monoxide poisoning (Remember, Carbon Monoxide has no odor so don’t assume it’s not there just because you don’t smell something). Don’t waste time, call 311 ASAP and get the Fire Department inspectors there check it out.

  • Knight

    Eddy is 100% right. Don’t wait.

  • Elmer Fudd

    Alana. You need to call 311 to have the condition documented. They will call the landlord to report the condition, and make a inspection to verify the situation. 311 is open 24/7. If the landlord still doesn’t fix it, you have a law suit. He can’t claim he didn’t know.

  • Heightsguy

    You can also resort to publicizing the landlords name right here, Alanna!

  • Wrennie

    Can anyone recommend a good, reasonably-priced place in the neighborhood for manicures/pedicures? I usually just go to a place near my office in midtown, but they’ve gotten a little sub-par lately.

  • amanda

    Does anyone know any way to request additional signage in Cadman park that would direct tourists to the Bklyn Bridge walkway? Even as simple as the signage that exists on the streets for cyclists that shows “Bklyn Bridge (stairs)” and a picture of a bike. Could be the same thing with a pedestrian replacing the picture of the bike. I can’t tell you how many tourists I have to lead there on my near-daily walks across the park. I think people get confused when they reach the other side of the park (would technically be Cadman Plaza East) and they don’t know to turn left toward the stairs. It’s very confusing for people and could be cleared up with a simple sign or two. Come on, parks commission and/or DOT!

  • amanda

    Wrennie, I actually love Dashing Diva. It looks cheesy, but the manicures and pedicures are really good, the staff is all really nice, and the nail techs actually take time with you (unlike other places on Montague that rush you in and out). I think they’re pretty reasonably priced for the quality and the sanitary processes they use. A pedi is about $35 there.

  • sienna 23

    BHTS is changing their format. Look at the music that they are now showcasing. The guy needs his 15 minutes of fame. I work for a booking office and he did book the film. He is trying to mainstream the theatre which is cool, but do not lie about the fact that you booked it. Anyway, the guy cannot even play an instrument and he is not an upstanding guy. He and the other woman who work there are not kosher. take your money elsewhere.

  • Matthew Parker

    BREAKING NEWS!: Patsy Grimaldi coming out of retirement to take over his former location on Old Fulton: