Towing The Line On Remsen As Filming Ensues For “Broken City”

Filming on Remsen Street between Montague Terrace and Hicks Street Monday between 1-6 p.m. for 2012 thriller flick “Broken City”—starring Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones—is creating less than a thrill for residents.

Signs have been posted since Friday warning that vehicles would be removed beginning at 10 a.m. this morning—and they meant it. Police and tow trucks have been clearing the way since mid-morning, including forcing residential building renovation crew trucks and vans to skedaddle.

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  • Arch Stanton

    Insert standard film production rant here:

  • ilikebrooklyn

    Perhaps many neighbors weren’t thrilled by filming on Remsen, however I was thrilled.

    Mark Wahlberg was as sweet as could be as I clumsily used my new iphone to take his picture. First I had it on video –oops — he patiently waited and made conversation while I switched settings.

    I am still smiling. I have video & jpegs.

    The crew, as always, were very polite.

  • Capulet

    I live on that block and the filming and tourists are constantly there, but whenever I think of the inconveniences these may cause, I alway think complaining would be equivalent to a famous star complaining and whinning about the constant presence of papparazi taking pictures. This is part of living in a beautiful neighborhood in the best city in the world, and I feel blessed for that.

    I don’t know if she was there at the shoot but Zeta Jones has been filmed there before (that movie about the chefs). Hardly anyone I know can say CZJ has filmed in his/her block twice.

  • ilikebrooklyn


    I didn’t see CZT — but who knows — thinking back she could have been any one of the people walking toward the set. Someone said Russell Crowe was there but I am not good at star sighting.

    There was no mistaking Mark Walhberg. He looks exactly like in The Fighter. Agree on liking brooklyn heights. We would live in the middle of tv and movie sets in most of the neighborhoods we would choose in Manhattan. We’re still ahead in Brooklyn.

  • ilikebrooklyn

    oops CZJ

  • stuart

    it is sometimes disappointing to watch the movie and discover that your lovely block is where the star’s poor cook lives, or her drug addicted ex, or perhaps the colorful uncle who is in the mob.
    Brooklyn is Brooklyn to Hollywood.

  • nyviews

    stuart…i don’t know what you mean at all.

    love that they are making this movie here. nothing like seeing the big apple when you go to the movies. makes me proud.

  • nystrele

    very inspiring to see my fellow neighbors making the best of this situation… it’s true: how often is the average U.S. nabe a constant picturesque setting for hollywood? i’ve never walked by a crew that was less than polite and typically the visiting celebs (george clooney, for one) are not only polite, but downright accommodating and playful. i had a blast watching filming of upcoming “men in black” on court with 60’s-era cars roaring down the street… How sweet it is!

  • Capulet


    Maybe, but the poor cook ‘lived’ in a brownstone which if I remember correctly was listed for sale at some point at around $15 million. It is funny to see how hollywood portrais the city in general. Ever seen gossip girl? Its hilarious to see all the things they do in that show that would never happen in reality in NYC.

    My family visits from out of town and they just wouldn’t understand the real estate prices here, so I dont even bother – by their standards, I live in a ‘small’ apartment (1500sqf).

    I just love that they ‘don’t know’…

  • Western Brooklyn

    Seems the entire operation has moved down to DUMBO:

    Massive Movie Production Moves Into DUMBO, Resident Wants To “Occupy The Film Site”