Bevacco Now Serving Lunch

Bevacco [60 Henry Street] continues its Corner of Cranberry curse killing this week by adding lunch service.

Mrs. Fink, Baby Fink and I enjoyed a great meal yesterday afternoon. Uova pizza, Bevacco burger and meatballs were super-fantastic!

And with breakfast service coming soon, Bevacco should wash away memories of 60 Henry’s “bad old days.”

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  • ak

    This place has been great so far.

    Fantastic bar/beer menu for late night, and espresso with fresh baked Italian pastries starting at 7 a.m.

    convenient much?

  • Publius

    Been to Bevacco 2x and have to say the service/wait time for the kitchen is abominable–enough to negate the positives (good food, nice atmosphere).

    Note to owner: You have a real issue there. You have the opportunity for a highly successful restaurant. But I’ve experienced denial of the problem while at your restaurant and so have others reporting on this blog. Please fix and you’ll be rewarded with loyal customers. I’ll give it a final try in a few weeks in the hopes that we have a real winner here. If you’re charging north of $100 dinner for 2, you have to get it all right.

  • EHinBH

    Let’s face it, the place is terrible. I am hoping that rather than just not really caring about cooking good food or having great service, there are real behind the scenes problems that will be fixed. Will try one last time. But if they dont change the menu and have better staff, it will be on the banned list — like Seasons.

  • Arch Stanton

    I guess the curse has not been broken!

  • Montague St. Neighbor

    I posted this late last night on the open thread, but this seems like a more fitting place! Bevacco is the new worst restaurant in the neighborhood. They are unbelievably incompetent, slow, confused and rude. The manager told us we were the first to complain and I had to argue with him to get him to comp something. Our entire side of the restaurant was miserable. As we watched the waiter scowl at each tip he collected as the section cleared out (our food took over an hour), it was clear that he had no idea why he wasn’t getting properly tipped. The manager claimed there were no problems and all the customers were happy. He didn’t apologize but instead said, “if there was a problem, I would know about it”. Did he apologize for my drink that had accidentally been mixed with dish soap? Nope. Did he apologize for the food taking over an hour? Definitely not. The people next to us waited almost 30 min just to get their credit card back. The people on the other side had an entire table of cold food and the waiter mixed up the checks so it took them equally as long to pay. I worked in the restaurant industry for years and I can say this was absurd. The manager took a glass of wine off the check, begrudgingly, complaining about us to the waiter while we were still sitting there. SO ridiculous. The only place with worse customer service is probably IKEA or the Brooklyn Home Depot. Don’t be fooled by their decor. This place should be closed.

  • BronxKid

    Wow….thanks all for sharing. Sure sounds like a place to avoid.

  • Knight

    I’m a very patient person and I tend to find bad service at a restaurant amusing. It sounds like I should get a real kick out of Bevacco. I hope the amusement is worth the pricey meal!

  • james

    We gave this place one chance, and had the same problem a couple of weeks back. The table next to us waiting 20 minutes for their drinks, then the prosecco came but not the beer…he waited another 10 minutes for the beer. Our appetizers came 10 minutes after the table that was sat 30 minutes after us got theirs…hmm. Problems all around. Then my pork special showed up RARE! The owner tried to say it was cooked as I had ordered it…seriously??? Has anyone ever ordered raw pork? He tried to tell us also that we were the only table that had a problem…this was 3 weeks ago. Sounds like nothing has changed…sad

  • Heightsman

    My first try was great but not ignoring the others above. Jury is still out for me…..let’s see.

  • Andrew Porter

    Speaking of curses, the Montague Street bagel store now as an “A” rating proudly displayed in the center of their window.

  • David G

    Yup, the service here is bad. The problem with these places is that they don’t require reservations and they take time to make the meal. So if you come when twenty other groups sit down, the kitchen is going to get swamped. We waited about an hour to get our meal.

    I’d go back in ten months and see how it is.

  • Heightser

    We had a similar experience. We got our salads before our wine was served (huge pet peeve for me). Waited for our entrees for a looooong time, and then they took my husband’s plate before he was finished and took mine long before he was finished (another pet peeve that no one seems to get right any more except the best restaurants). The food was good, but not amazing. I like Noodle Pudding and River Deli better for Italian. The space is great though. We will give it another try, but I really hope the owners are reading this! Oh, and they forgot to tell us that they had specials. We had to hear about them while they told the people at the next table and we had already ordered.

  • Thinblackduke

    Wow! Body slams with a vengeance. Am I missing something? I’ve been in there three times since they’ve opened, and have seen a quantum leap forward in service. Sure, some lag time on busier days, but I’m savy enough to look around me, and when I see three tables of 8+ people with at least three pasta throwing rugerats in tow, I know my wait time just went up. @ Montague, did you end up paying for your soapy drink? maybe the mgr. could have added something extra to your meal on the house, or was it something that could have only been fixed by getting something for nothing? Would a free drink made your first one any less soapy? Only real issue here, I think, is the blisteringly high noise level. You all should have come the first weekend. It was a zoo. I still had a great time, and was treated with nothing but love. I’m rewarded for my patronage with nothing but warm and sincere hospitality everytime I walk in here. So there.

  • Tclinton11201

    totally agreed on the noise level. Food was actually better than riverdeli (where I think the food is simply bad borderline terrible), service was decent (actually almost too fast I want to say!) but it is noisy and kinda dark (fine for me but tough for my older guests…)

  • Janeonorange

    We have been twice and may go again this weekend. The first time we ordered cocktails and wine with dinner, and the wine arrived before the cocktails, which came with the salads, after about 20 minutes. Not good. That being said, I want to keep giving them chances. The North Heights has been pretty depressing with the lack of retail and this place has really nice food. Notwithstanding service, everything we have ordered has tasted really good. And, unlike Oh, My Pasta, it was served without aluminum foil or plastic in the salads!

  • Jorale-machine


    “Jane On Orange” actually sounds like a good restaurant name. Care to open one up on your street?

  • Claude Scales

    My wife and I may have had an atypical experience: we went on a Monday evening when it wasn’t crowded. We were greeted at the door by a courteous headwaiter, and waited on by attentive (but not bothersome) floor staff. Wine and our appetizer (a mixture of rollatini–a special that night) came promptly. Main courses were a bit slow coming, but not badly so. Mine was saltimbocca (Italian for “jump in mouth”), which in my experience is usually veal scallopine covered with a thin slice of prosciutto, but Bevacco’s was, as the menu said, made with pork–a cutlet pounded thin. The pork and ham were both flavorful, though a bit dryer than I would have liked. My wife had lamb ragout with pasta. It wasn’t what she expected–she envisioned red sauce in the ragout, not white–but she liked it enough to take some home for lunch the following day. I’d rate Bevacco very good, though not spectacular, and a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

  • Sad Neighbor

    Janeonorange…Thank you…”all we are saying is give it a chance…Beatles song”…Enough with the empty real estate and the curse of that corner… If you don’t like the service…call the owners and tell them to get their friggin act together…enough…let something survive their since that stupid YUM YUM Zum zum chinese restaurant that died in the 80s…whatever the heck the name was. Let’s try to fight for a decent’s pretty, nice bar…TELL THE DAMN OWNERS THAT YOU WANT IT TO BE BETTER THAN IT IS…SO IT CAN SURVIVE…
    On another note..had dinner at Season’s tonight and it was delicious. It’s got great food, a nice atmosphere, a generous happy hour. COME ON PEOPLE…STOP WITH THE DISSIN AND REPLACE WITH THE KISSIN.
    Be happy that some entrepreneurs are trying to put life into the failed Henry Street and Cranberry location or the 2x looser (Petit Marchet…which I liked, Bread and Butter and now Seasons)….FORGET THE OWNER’S ARROGANCE…TELL THEM YOU WANT THEM TO GET THE SERVICE UP TO PAR OR TELL THEM THE MENU NEEDS TWEEKING AT THESE PLACES…but don’t pray for them to crash and burn only to be substituted being boarded up for several years UNTIL the next failure appears.


  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Sad Neighbor,
    Well said! Restaurants are a business. Obviously the food must be good but the service also has to be good. Why is that so hard for new restaurant owners to grasp? If the staff is unusually busy, make sure there is bread on the table and get those drink orders in as fast as possible. It really doesn’t take much to make your customers feel welcome.
    Some of the most popular restaurants in the Heights show a willingness to make their customers feel welcome. They pay attention to detail and give service with a smile. And the restaurants that fail to do this will not survive and rightfully so.

  • voteyes

    Sad Neighbor…thanks for writing what your wrote. You are a leader…

    Everyone else should be ashamed

  • CrankyOne2

    I really like Seasons too. Very cozy and a nice pasta bolognese and friendly, nice service. Just sat at the bar a Bevacco so no opinion there yet. Looks really nice.

    I’m with Sad Neighbor, give them a chance. If you have a bad experience, try to get satisfaction first before slamming them on a blog. Remember somebody’s blood, sweat and tears goes into opening a restaurant and give them a chance to fix it before f****** with someone’s livelihood.

    If you’ve tried a few times to get satisfaction to no avail, then slam away. But also remember, new restaurants can have growing pains. I read somewhere it is one of the most difficult things to make a go of, opening a restaurant…especially in NYC…

  • Hayley

    I’m pretty surprised by the reviews. We went here with our cousins a couple of weeks ago (and we had 2 toddlers with us) on a Saturday night around 6:45. We got seated within 10 minutes, had a great and very personable waiter and no issues with the service at all – they even knew to bring bread out right away for the kids. We all thought the food was very good and would totally go back and try it again.

    We also had a great experience at Oh My Pasta. Maybe waiters and friendlier when you have a cute kid with you?

  • my2cents

    I have been twice. Once for dinner and once for drinks. I didnt find the food amazing, but i like the atmosphere and I found the service reasonably attentive and was seated immediately with a smile both times (unlike standing there with my thumb up my a** for 10 minutes at Noodle Pudding waiting to even be acknowledged because they are too cheap to hire a hostess…) I do think they could work harder at getting feedback from customers. But i agree with comments above to the effect that this is someone’s hard work starting this place at a notoriously challenging location. The decor is very nice, and I think it’s a blessing to have something there rather than an empty storefront! I sincerely hope they can be open to complaints, and improve and be a part of the neighborhood!

  • Montague St. Neighbor

    I gave the manager a very fair chance to correct the issues. He said I was the first person ever to complain (clearly untrue!). He didn’t apologize and was absolutely unwilling to admit there was a problem. I most certainly did not post without giving the restaurant a chance to correct things. If management doesn’t listen or care, then all one can really do is share the story. Writing about a bad experience with management is entirely justified. I’m 100% for small businesses, and definitely all for new/more/good restaurants, but I am not going to protect the reputation of a restaurant that completely disrespects its customers in the name of giving it “a fair chance”. I gave them a fair chance and they couldn’t have cared less.

  • Sad Neighbor

    Montague St. Neighbor…maybe we can printout what’s been said on the blog and he can either shape up or ship out. However there have been some nice reviews as well.
    I do hope some of you revisit Seasons. I have been there with friends and the food was delicious, the atmosphere is very pretty and the happy hour is very generous.

  • Lou

    Had my first dinner @Bevacco on Sunday. It wasn’t bad or great. Walked in and seated quickly. Our drinks and food order were taken relatively quickly. However no bread was brought to the table until the table that was seated after us got theirs and it dawned on the staff that maybe we didn’t get any bread, either. The meal was decent. Everything took just a little longer than I would have liked considering the place was about 1/3 full. I’d go back again but its not a necessity.

    My only real minor complaint was that the menu isn’t very clear if you aren’t familiar with Italian foods. The wine list was a total baffler since I know nothing about Italian wines. I asked about one wine and the waiter was talking about the where the grapes were from and so on. WAY over my head/caring level. I’m not saying I want spaghetti & meatballs with a side of garlic bread. Just maybe make it a little more accessible? I’m sure the owner would disagree since he’s never heard a complaint.