Thugs Creepin’ in Brooklyn Heights

As we search for our next Police Blotter reporter, this crazy crime news comes to us from the Brooklyn Paper:

A man fought off two knife-wielding thugs who tried to steal his iPhone on Hicks Street on Oct. 24.

The fearless would-be victim said that he was near Pineapple Street at 10 pm when one of the men held a knife to his throat and asked for his cellphone.

He responded by punching that thief in the face, prompting both men to run off.

And another (alleged) sub-human robbed another iPhone on Willow Place:

Police arrested a man who allegedly stole an iPhone at gunpoint on Willow Place on Oct. 28. The victim said he was between Joralemon and State streets at 10:45 pm when he was robbed by a gun-toting thug. Police recovered a device, and the victim said it was his missing cellphone.

Is an iPhone really a hold up at gunpoint item? Has the cult of Steve Jobs totally infected the underworld as well?

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  • Master Of Middagh

    Back in college, a couple of guys tried to drag me into a construction site on my home from a diner late at night. They didn’t ask for money or anything, so I can only guess what they had on their minds. I was able to slip out of my shirt after they grabbed me and, there I was, bare-chested, wrestling a couple of grown men on Columbus Ave at four in the morning. Either I put up much more of a struggle than they were expecting and they gave up or I slipped free of their grasp on my own, but I’m glad I fought back.

  • Winstion Smith

    MOM I’m surprised you aren’t claiming “divine intervention” :)

  • resident

    Fighting back is great when there is no apparent weapon… when someone is holding a knife or gun on you and asking for personal property, best just to give it up.

  • PierrepontSkin

    Whether or not you fight back or there is a weapon, this sort of thing should not be happening. I have never been afraid of walking on the streets of BK Heights at night until now, and I’ve lived here my whole life (25 years).
    Protect yourselves and stay safe.