Open Thread Wednesday 11/2/11

Punk's Not Dead

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BHB Photo Club pic by tscola via Flickr

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  • Teresa

    Must praise the folks at AT&T on Montague. Went in to buy a new phone; they didn’t oversell me, didn’t convince me that latest model phone is what I needed, explained the difference between iPhone4S and 4, discounted some accessories, gave me one of those things that boosts the signal in my apartment…and all with friendly, efficient service. Omar was terrific – while I don’t always love AT&T phone service, their customer service in the 2+ years I’ve been with them has been outstanding.

  • Zipporah Dvash

    Are you interested in “Bloodless” (transfusion-free) medicine and surgery? If so, you’re invited to Downstate LICH this Saturday at noon to attend a seminar on the topic. 339 Hicks.

  • http://j lois

    That bulldog was one of my favorites at the doggy parade. I am also glad that both the 99% and the one percent were represented that day.

  • Tclinton11201

    morning sad news with accident at the corner of Atlantic and Clinton. Still the dangerous corner with over-eager east bound atlantic traffic trying to cross west bound traffic to go on Clinton…

  • Alanna

    ^that’s an extremely difficult intersection…I see many “hop the light” and nearly take out people crossing the street. I hope everyone is ok.

  • T.K. Small

    My Personal Care Assistant got stuck in the traffic caused by this accident. From what he told me, a Mercedes hit a BMW motorcycle and there was a lot of damage. This) and of the Mercedes was smashed and motorcycle was totaled.

    Long before the Brooklyn Heights Blog, there was a terrible accident it at that corner when two cars were attempting to turn on Clinton at the same time. One of them flipped over completely. I am always extra careful at that intersection.

  • Western Brooklyn

    @T.K. Small,

    Yes, I was almost killed at that intersection while learning to drive decades ago!

    My driving instructor told me to make the left from Atlantic onto Clinton. The driving school’s car had a spongy accelerator, & we just barely made it through without getting broadsided by some jerk who was going about 70 mph westbound on Atlantic!

  • http://mary@reventlow mary reventlow

    If somebody has BeeBop they should just give him back to Cathy and nobody will make a big deal about it. He is a skittish Tuxedo male missing since the July 4th weekend. Cathy is offering a generous reward of $300. She has lots of neighborhood friends. Just do the right thing. She can be reached at: 917-837-6899.

  • JM

    Attended the Brooklyn Heights Cinema Halloween Silent films with live Red Hook Rambler’s music as the soundtrack. It was GREAT! The band was incredible. Kudos and good luck to the new owner. Hope they do more programing like this and that the hood supports them!

  • Arch Stanton

    Um, wasn’t the reward $1,000 a couple of months ago?

  • http://mary@reventlow mary reventlow

    Cathy would probably pay it, but i don’t think that is the point…

  • Rodger Lemons

    I am blind and assisted with a guide dog. I not only have trouble with tine intersection at Atlantic and Clintic, but also at the intersections of Henry, Hicks and Alantic. Drivers do not watch for pedistrians in the cross walk. My dog and I have almost been hit twice by drivers turning in front of us as we are crossing the intersection.
    It is hard enough with out audable signals for me to manuver these intersections. Not to mention the cross walks on Montague St., especially at Clark and Court.

  • http://j lois

    A friend of mine was hit at the corner of Atlantic and Hicks and suffered a broken hip. I hate crossing Atlantic Avenue at any of those intersections. The crossings for Brooklyn Bridge Park and still terrible – I hope that is solved before next spring.

  • Matthew Parker

    Scary how many recent knife and gunpoint muggings have been reported in the nabe (mostly over iPhones). It appears that muggings are increasing and the weapons used during muggings are more serious/deadly.

  • Homer Fink

    @matthewparker – speaking of which… anyone out there interested in picking up the Police Blotter?

  • mlo

    well with the economy being in the state its in and the hoildays fast approaching we shoudl all be very careful and cautious. I’m certain the increase in muggings will continue

  • Ari

    I said it two years ago. I said it last year. Or maybe it was some time in between.

    The eventual opening and now huge popularity of the new park has no doubt without question increased the level of crime in Willowtown alone, and certainly all over BH as well.

    It’s really mind boggling, so obvious and plain – I guess not so mind boggling – that these secluded blocks which are now connected to major pedestrian routes to and from the park are experiencing this dramatic increase in crime.

    I was pissed when my hubcaps were stolen a few months ago. (I mean hubcaps, really?!). Now we’re talking about gunpoint robberies? Over an iphone?

    Thanks BBP!

  • hoppy

    I noticed a sign above the defunct creperie in the Clark Street subway reading “NYC SLIDERS.” Does this mean that some kind of a mini-burger place will be opening there? I’d appreciate a full investigation from anyone who has the time.

  • hicks-ter

    Any recommendations for a cleaning lady?

  • Montague St. Neighbor

    Bevacco is the new worst restaurant in the neighborhood. They are unbelievably incompetent, slow, confused and rude. The manager told us we were the first to complain and I had to argue with him to get him to comp something. Our entire side of the restaurant was miserable. As we watched the waiter scowl at each tip he collected as the section cleared out (our food took over an hour), it was clear that he had no idea why he wasn’t getting properly tipped. The manager claimed there were no problems and all the customers were happy. He didn’t apologize but instead said, “if there was a problem, I would know about it”. Did he apologize for my drink that had accidentally been mixed with dish soap? Nope. Did he apologize for the food taking over an hour? Definitely not. The people next to us waited almost 30 min just to get their credit card back. The people on the other side had an entire table of cold food and the waiter mixed up the checks so it took them equally as long to pay. I worked in the restaurant industry for years and I can say this was absurd. The manager took a glass of wine off the check, begrudgingly, complaining about us to the waiter while we were still sitting there. SO ridiculous. The only place with worse customer service is probably IKEA or the Brooklyn Home Depot. Don’t be fooled by their decor. This place should be closed.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Montague St. Neighbor,
    They lost your business. If in fact that are as incompetent and rude as you suggest, eventually they will lose more business.
    I never go back to a restaurant a second time if I’ve had a bad experience. Looks like you won’t be going back either.

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    I presume you realize that crime is increasing throughout the city not just in Willowtown. We all know about the increase in subway thefts. (iPhones being a main target). To blame the park which is filled primarily with tourist and families going to Pier 6 is ludicrous. Is is possible the exact opposite is true, the increased traffic has lowered potential muggings.

  • GHB

    Montague Street Neighbor, I get that you had a bad dining experience, but mixing your drink with dish soap? Really? Get outta here!

  • Tclinton11201

    I’d have to go with Karl on this one, given the increased foot traffic and police presence either at the end of Joralemon, under the BQE or at the end of Atlantic I would have imagined an actual lowering of the crime rate…

    Sad to read about the review on Bevacco since I had a very decent time there, would hate for this place to go downhill so fast… Only issue I had with it was the noise level there, between the concrete wall, the mirror, the glass doors etc… very little noise insulation and as a result not a very older crowd friendly restaurant (loud and dark).

  • AmyinBH

    Has anyone else notice a lack of police officers walking around the neighborhood, particularly at night? I know the NYPD has made cuts, but I cannot remember the last time I saw an officer on the weekend or after work.

  • Ari

    I don’t seem to see any families, or tourists in the park beyond 10pm at night. I walk my dog every single night usually around midnight, throughout the whole neighborhood.

    To say that the obvious presence of shady characters, groups of loud and undoubtedly non neighborhood residents is somehow just a function of increased crime overall in the city is really the ludicrous statement.

    No one is saying the park doesn’t enhance the area in certain ways and that it’s a really nice place to go to. But to ignore the fact that it also brings with it the dregs of the city to the area – along with the families and tourists who no doubt are excellent deterrents for criminal mischief – to me, is profoundly incorrect.

  • Montague St. Neighbor

    @GHB: Yes, dish soap. They admitted they hadn’t rinsed the glass out or something of the sort. Ugh, I can still taste it when I think about it! The experience was one of the worst dining experiences I’ve had in ages. I hope others with similarly awful experiences post them here. It is inexcusable for a manager to not apologize or recognize a customer’s dissatisfaction. I didn’t make any of that up!

  • Andrew Porter

    Hoppy: Yes, the creperie did so well they went out of business. I bought some fries there once and they were so loaded with grease they repeated on me all day.

    NYC Sliders are in fact little hamburgers, kind of like White Castle serves. With a good price, and the constant student traffic going past, they might actually make it.

    Went down to Pier One today, and all the plants are in a headlong rush to make up for lost time by sliding gloriously into a colorful autumn. The ponds and stream, with their little waterfalls into the next segment, are great. The constant roar of traffic on the BQE is, alas, the only sour note. But the walkways with their trees and grasses made me feel like I was in some rural retreat.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Montague St. Neighbor,
    A few months ago my husband and I were having lunch at a Thai restaurant on Court Street. We have been there many times but on this one particular afternoon, we were sitting at a quiet table by the window. Along comes one of the guys who works there and he starts cleaning the barstools with Windex. The mist created from the Windex was wafting over our table. I kept thinking that he would notice that there were people eating close by and would stop spraying the Windex. That did not happen. Our lunch was ruined and when we went to pay the bill, the manager was close by and asked us if everything was alright?? I was furious and told him that no one ought to be cleaning anything near customers when they were eating.
    He looked at me like I had grown another head and asked “when should he be cleaning then”? He did not apologize.
    I told him that we would never come back to his restaurant again.
    I am sure he is still shaking his head.

  • GHB

    @Andrew – “the creperie did so well they went out of business. I bought some fries there once and they were so loaded with grease they repeated on me all day.”
    Why you would buy fries there is beyond me. It’s repeating on me just thinking about it! It’s repeating on me just thinking about it!