Tree Damage? City Wants to Know

This in from NotifyNYC:

The heavy wet snow and strong wind gusts combined with trees still in leaf have damaged trees on streets and in parks throughout the city. Forestry crews are working to address the damage and we urge the public to be cautious when travelling. Avoid entering parks during the storm. The City of New York is asking that locations of downed trees and limbs from today’s storm be reported by calling 311.

Update: All City parks (I’m presuming this includes Brooklyn Bridge Park, although it technically is not a City park but abides by City park rules) are closed to the public “until further notice” because of the danger of falling tree limbs. Update-update: Parks are now open, but people are advised to “use extreme caution.” Reader Ann of Orange notes that the London Plane trees in Cadman Plaza Park are particularly susceptible to damage from wet snow.

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  • AnnOfOrange

    People should be extremely cautious in and around Cadman Plaza Park; the ancient London Plane trees are at high risk of losing branches, even during routine wind storms.

  • Villager

    I’ve witnessed those Cadman trees drop many widow-makers days after storms. They get loosened in the storm winds, then hang precariously in the branches until something gives. 3-4 inch diameter dead branches, some 8 or more feet in length coming down from 30 feet. Very dangerous. I always scan the canopy when entering parks with these trees.