Snow, in October?!

Snow falling shortly after noon in front of Two Montague Terrace.

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  • flying tofu

    Snow falls in Brooklyn
    i shower, get dressed and
    then, look down.

    And, there it was, on sycamore leaves and rooftops yet still dancing in the street and floating up and down by my kitchen window. Damn, it went down to F 15 in N Florida and we never got the white stuff!

    I think about
    the salt for my salty dog
    as snow keeps falling

    And feel warmed by the sugar in pink grapefruit from my home state delivered by wodka, though i would put spice rum into chocolate milk if i had it . . . Hey, tell me, is Flatbush and Midwood Brooklyn Heights?

  • flying tofu

    Change the second haiku’s last line above to “as the snow falls” and here’s another

    Snow still falls
    i still have vodka, sea salt
    & one pink grapefruit.

    As my firescape has an inch and it started late i bet we have 2 inches already (3pm)

  • flying tofu

    It would seem
    even the snow has come
    to occupy wall street!

    Seriously, take care! In the early 70’s, the police came at dawn to scatter demonstrators quietly gathering to occupy Key Bridge and be arrested. I witnessed it from a Loyola Hall dorm (GU) window. Riding vespas they charged into the crowd. The second time they did it people put the full trash cans (it was pick-up day) in the road to keep people from getting hurt (some police had so little training and were so hyped up that they braked too late or, in one case, did a wheely and flipped back over!) and the police threw the cans into people’s yards and even the supposedly liberal washington post editors and reporters must have been asleep for the mess was blamed on disorganized or malicious demonstrators. Today, with cell-phone cameras, i doubt the police can be used to make the demonstrators seem unruly or worse, but copy this and take care!

  • Claude Scales

    flying tofu: love your poetry. I lived in North Florida (Eglin AFB, near Fort Walton Beach, where my dad was stationed) from 1954 to ’58. As I recall, we got one dusting of snow every winter, which melted the following day.

    Flatbush and Midwood are not Brooklyn Heights.

  • Eric Laimins

    Greetings from St. John, USVI ;)

    Just to rub it in:

    (from a part-time Cranberry Street resident…)

    Got street salt, lol!

  • Jorale-man

    Did anyone else see there lights dim? Pretty unusual for around here. I hope the trees can hold up okay through this.

  • Jorale-man

    Sorry – I mean “their lights dim” – my proofreader must have been stuck in the snow.

  • Villager

    yes, lights dimmed @ clark st

  • tb

    Is the halloween parade happening tomorrow? Anyone know?

  • AEB

    Is this an icicle I see before me? What a wretched end of fall! Let us hope–fervently!–that this is nor a preview of things to come!

  • Claude Scales

    The last word I have is that the Halloween Parade is on for 10:00 a.m. tomorrow (Sunday).

  • Teddy

    My lights also dimmed earlier this evening. It also happened a couple of times during the summer. Well, at least we’re not part of the millions who don’t have power right now in the region.

  • tb

    Thank you Claude!

  • watchintheblog

    kind of nuts. watch out for falling limbs tomorrow night and not the leperous zombie kind.

  • Anne C.

    Lights dimmed on Henry Street yesterday.