Shortcut Opened in Brooklyn Bridge Park

The travel distance between Pier 1 and Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park just got shorter, and walkers, runners and bikers no longer have to skirt the speedy traffic on the now two-way Furman Street between Montague and Joralemon, as a new pedestrian and bike path (photo) has been opened from behind the MTA ventilating structure below the foot of Montague to Joralemon about halfway along the north wall of One Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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  • epc

    Note: it isn’t lit at all and is theoretically closed at dusk (sometimes it’s been closed, other times not).

  • Gerry

    @epc – sounds dangerous are there plans to install lighting and how will the lights inpact Joralemon Street, Etc.

  • tb

    Off topic- Did Nabeguy sell his house?

  • epc

    @gerry – I have no idea. I complained about a different stretch of lights being out and never heard a reply from BBP.

  • Claude Scales

    tb: yes, Nabeguy sold his house.

  • skunky

    question is, why didn’t this open originally? that would be useful information…

  • epc

    No one could foresee the need to travel between Piers 3 and 5.

  • tb

    ty Claude.

  • eric

    Does anybody know if construction is moving forward on Pier 5? Hard to tell if anything is underway there.

  • Matthew Parker


    There’s a significant amount of construction going on at Pier 5, though it’s almost all hidden under the pier. For months, the pylons have been repaired, which is a significant and expensive undertaking and must precede any other work on the Pier itself.

  • Gerry

    This new entry is dark and deserted I was there last night and do not plan to go back until it is well-lit and made safe.

    This new entrance looks like a good place to get robbed.