Open Thread Wednesday 10/19/11

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  • David G

    Went to Bevecco for dinner last week and waited an hour for our appetizer’s to come out. Still, food was ok and I want them to do well.

    I’d go back in 6 months once they have figured out how to run a restaurant.

  • Bongo

    Aha! An early thread on Hanco’s.

  • Bongo

    @TK. BoA started charging me for something that I’ve had for free ever since my bank was swallowed by them years ago. I complained to death ears that this was equivalent to changing my terms without telling me. They reversed the charge but told me I’d be charged for it in the future. Can’t wait to leave them.

  • JM

    Hey TK…Kudos to you for stickin’ it to BofA. I don’t know where you moved your $ to, but have you read about the National Move Your Money Day on Nov 5th? It’s a great idea to take back your hard earned cash from these risky mega banks and support responsible institutions that don’t engage in the kind of speculation that dug us this hole. (there are plenty in this area). Maybe this blog could post a story on it with a resource link. Here’s one:

  • Bongo

    “deaf” not “death”, but effect was similar :)

  • Teddy

    @T.K. Small

    I’m definitely looking forward to the day they stop airing that annoying commercial. I really hope One Brooklyn Bridge Park doesn’t become a d-bag magnet (unless it already has).

  • Still here

    ATT – New cell towers –
    I understand that ATT has installed more cell towers in the area. Have any ATT cell phone users noticed any improvement in their wireless services?

    I have not.

  • Bongo

    @Still Here. Maybe they haven’t switched them on yet. No difference here.

  • TK Small

    Bongo: I spoke with three different customer service people, including somebody at the corporate headquarters in NC. They refused to refund anything. All they would offer was to change the interest rate from a borderline usurious rate down to something less ridiculous, but still too high. I’m tempted to take them to small claims court just to waste their time. I just need to come up with a halfway reasonable theory so that I am not accused of being frivolous.

    JM: Usually I think that various boycotting efforts don’t make sense. But after this afternoon’s experience, I’m beginning to think otherwise. While speaking with the person at HQ, I explained that it was exactly instances like this that is getting people involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

  • Jorale-man

    There’s quite a scathing comments thread on the Youtube clip of the One BBP commercial with Vanessa and Steven (though remarably accurate by the wild-west standards of Youtube comments):

    And yes, I’d never want those people to be my neighbors either…

  • T.K. Small

    Furthermore, Vanessa and Stephen had their wedding reception at the Grand Prospect Hall – “We make your dreams come true!”

  • Pierrepont

    By the way, what has happened to the deli on the corner of Clinton and Jouralemon. Looks, dare I say, closed. Was this expected?

  • WillowtownCop

    @ T.K. – I would look the other way if you did – we do not need their sort in this neighborhood.

    @ Cathy – I saw a black and white cat on Willow Place and State, where that house on the corner is a couple of days ago. There is a square hole built in the raised flower bed next to the wall – it was moving fast so I didn’t get a good look but it jumped in the hole.

  • Master Of Middagh

    @T.K. Small- It looks like I’m not the only one who has had his ire raised by the bank. Sorry for your experience- it sounds even more frustrating than my own. There’s only so much a decent consumer should be expected to put up with and there was a time (or so I’ve been told) when banks were in competition with each other and wanted your business and they didn’t try to nickel and dime you for the benefit of shareholders…. What competitor have you elected to move to?

  • JM

    Vanessa needed to pick which pair of f#%cking eye glasses she wanted to wear and get her skinny ass to the condo board meeting to find out how they’re gonna keep this no money down mortgage, yuppie ark afloat.
    Steven needed to stop masturbating in the window, while leering out at the underpaid nannies in the park, stop by the nearest AA meeting, and build a freakin’ time machine so he could take him, Vanessa and their little dog too, back in time about 10 years.”
    One BBP…Life, surrounded by a bankrupt “park” and a whole lotta nothin, in a huge, overpriced, half occupied building, whose facade evidently, is made of taupe colored cake frosting and must be continuously repaired.

  • Homer Fink

    BofA continues to screw us with many different fees. the Bugle will be out of there soon.

  • Western Brooklyn

    What the banksters are doing to our economy & nations is treasonous!

  • Homer Fink

    Can any small biz owners recommend a bank that doesn’t fleece you with fees and tricky rules?

  • Cathy

    @Willowtown Cop:
    Specifically which house? The Merz house on the corner or the house across the street? The Merz also have a Tuxedo as well as a resident in one of the columned houses.

    I BEG somebody to get a pix of this cat as I have been hearing about it all summer/fall. BeeBop is mainly black, with black legs, white belly and of course the distinctive marking on the right side of his face.

    We are offering $300 CASH. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I have a ground crew in BH who can assist you as they have his carrier and are actively looking and posting. I am still in Maine helping my mom care for my elderly father who has taken a turn for the worse.

    I BEG anybody to please CK out this sighting. If you need any assistance please call me at 917-837-6899 or email THANKS!

  • GHB

    I love autumn in the Heights! The rancid stench of freshly fallen gingko berries, and being pelted with acorns every time I come within a block of an oak tree…

  • Homer Fink

    @ghb – I saw some ladies picking the gingko berries over the weekend. They seemed very excited.

  • willowwillow

    Homer fink- the little asian lady? I am yet to see her this year, but I see her EVERY YEAR ! gingkos are used in many asian dishes and are good brain food….. not sure how I feel about picking them off the street, but to each their own !

  • GHB

    Homer, I see her at the south end of the Promenade every year. I don’t know how they taste, but those berries reek!

  • my2cents

    Just found out via the New Yorker that Norton Juster was living in the Heights when he wrote “The Phantom Tollbooth” back around 1961. Anyone know where exactly he lived?? It’s my favorite book and it was great to hear that it was written right here, as so much great midcentury literature was.

  • weegee

    @my2cents – 153 State Street. Jules Feiffer was there, too.

  • T.K. Small

    A large percentage of my building is populated by Asian senior citizens. Around this time of year, it is common to smell the unpleasant aroma of cooking ginkgo. Yuck!!!

  • epc

    @homer fink: I’ve had zero problems with Capital One f/k/a North Fork Bank. I have had a free, no frills business checking account (zero interest of course) with them for about nine years for my llc.

  • Monty

    I hate those ads as much as you guys, but I know some families who live in that building and they are very nice, normal people. None of them wear glasses and I have never observed a bottle of fine, aged cognac in their hands. The proximity to Pier 6 playground is a huge plus if you have little kids.

  • my2cents

    Thanks WeeGee!

  • willowwillow

    Over heard a conversation is housing works about a kid that came in and stole shoes… I’ve been in that store many times and I think the should consider getting a censor system ,as it seems that stealing could be pretty easy.