Alternate Side Switcheroo in Brooklyn Heights

This just in from a BHB reader:

New signage was put up along Columbia Heights from Cranberry down past the playground and dog run, changing no parking T 8:30- 11:00 to no parking 11:30-1:00. Traffic enforcement agents were out in force ticketing those who did not notice the change. Also, a no standing area was put up at the cut where formerly Middagh St. ran which now is a walkway. An unsuspecting man waiting at that spot was warned by a passerby.. I am not aware of any announcement of these rule changes, although of course I might have missed it.

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  • heightsguy

    An agent claimed the Community Board did this, I went to their website and did not see any reference to it, nor in any search engine efforts.

  • http://j lois

    I have not heard that there was going to be a change in the regularions. Unless you are unfamiliar with the neighborhood and our quirky regulations, you usually do not check the signs; you just assume it’s the same each week. BHA should be made aware of this so they can warn us.

  • Heightsman

    I thought there was a grace period of “adjustment” that was always granted when changing regulations on these signs. Guess that’s over with…momma needs the money.

  • fulton ferry res

    The same thing happened at the corner of Front and York streets, where 2 legal spaces all of a sudden became No Standing on 10/19. Cars were ticketed and towed all week long, sometimes with the tow trucks idling nearby, waiting for the next sucker to park. You can write in to the DOT FOIL Unit at 55 Water ST NY NY for a letter stipulating when the sign was changed. Although there is nothing written in Chapter 4 of the Vehicle Traffic Law regarding this, there are sources within several NYC agencies who have told me that the Admin Law Judges at the PVB may dismiss tickets for violations written within 14 days of a sign change, if you submit the DOT letter.