Travel + Leisure Mag Picks Brooklyn Heights As One of America’s Most Beautiful Neighborhoods

Travel + Leisure Magazine names Brooklyn Heights as one of America’s Most Beautiful Neighborhoods in its latest issue.

We already knew that!

Travel + Leisure: The storied Brooklyn Bridge, an American beauty itself, sets its eastern granite foot in this neighborhood made beautiful by brownstones and regal prewar condos on leafy streets, some named for fruit. Generations of literati (Thomas Wolfe, Walt Whitman, Truman Capote) have flocked to Brooklyn Heights, and more than 600 houses date to before the Civil War—surpassing better-known areas in Philadelphia and D.C. Visitors’ most memorable snapshots of the Manhattan skyline are taken from its sunset-soaking waterfront esplanade

Other faves include New Orleans’ Garden District and Pacific Heights in San Francisco.

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  • Teresa

    Remember when the NY Times called us “affluent without a trace of hipness”?

    But we are in very good company in this article.

  • Gerry

    It is NOT a waterfront esplanade but it is a promenade named The Brooklyn Heights Promenade and it is not on the waterfront it is on top of an expressway The Brooklyn Queens Expressway.

    How could the article mess this up all the author need do is read the signs posted all over the place?

  • David on Middagh

    Gerry, I suspect that travel writing pays too well to dwell on technical correctness, when the next piece is just around the corner. Meanwhile, non-travel writing pays too poorly to dwell on technical correctness, when the next piece is just around the corner.

  • Josh G

    Seriously – duh! Our hood rocks

  • Hicks St Guy

    @Gerry, lighten up.

  • GHB

    I just went through the November issue and saw no mention of The Heights, although Williamsburg got a write-up.

  • Bornhere

    GHB — This seems to be from the October issue.

  • Luke C

    The picture they used, while attractive, doesn’t exactly convey a sense of the neighborhood or the reason most people find it beautiful. I hope it wasn’t taken from a helicopter that we neighbors so revile! It is always nice though to hear praise for the neighborhood, I’m always delighted by our homes, views and trees.

  • Angella

    Its a great location, spend some time there i truly enjoyed it

    I would recommend it

  • Wrennie

    Gerry, technically, it is an esplanade. The words are essentially interchangeable.

    More importantly, though: lighten up.