Mailer Apartment off the Market

Shortly after learning that the Willow Street house formerly home to Truman Capote has had its second asking price reduction, we have the news that Norman Mailer’s nautical themed apartment has, following the collapse of a deal to sell it, been taken off the market by Mailer’s, and his wife, Norris Church Mailer’s, heirs.

NYCurbed: So, it looks like Norman Mailer’s $2.5M apartment in Brooklyn Heights is off the market after a 6 month run with Corcoran. The Post reports that a serious buyer emerged in August, and the family even had a final dinner to say farewell to the apartment in preparation for the move. They even go on to say “They had also begun moving out the legendary author’s belongings.” Well, get the boxes back in the apartment ’cause that deal is dead!

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  • http://j lois

    On last Sunday’s morning show, there was an interesting interview with Norris which had been filmed in Brooklyn Heights shortly before her death. They said the apartment had been sold, so it’s interesting to hear the deal fell thru.

  • stuart

    I suspect the modernistic glassy addition on the roof was built without any city permits whatsoever and is therefore technically illegal. There is nothing like it on any other house in the Heights that I know.

  • Gerry

    @ Stuart, and so the Certificate of Occupancy is now invalid and the property is unsellable — check out the big broo-ha-ha- going on at Corcoran Real Esate over a C of O.