Norris Church Mailer Dies at 61

Norris Church Mailer, Brooklyn Heights resident and widow of Norman Mailer, who died three years ago, died today at her home. The cause was cancer.

The New York Times: Norris Church Mailer, a woman bred in the rural poverty of Arkansas who married Norman Mailer and managed his career and family life over three decades while carving out her own niche as a writer, died on Sunday at her home in Brooklyn Heights. She was 61.

She met Mailer when he came to her hometown of Russellville, Arkansas for a book signing, and later became a writer in her own right, publishing a memoir, A Ticket to the Circus, early this year. She was also the author of two novels, Cheap Diamonds and Windchill Summer. She is survived by her son by her marriage to Mailer, John Buffalo Mailer, a son, Matthew Norris, by her previous marriage (thanks to reader Lois for the update), and several stepchildren by Mr. Mailer’s previous marriages.

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  • lois

    She is also survived by a son, Matthew, from her previous marriage.

  • Carol Rae Bradford

    I have regrets, not only that Norman Mailer is gone, but also his beautiful wife, Norris Church Mailer. I read her most recent book, “A ticket to the Circus,” and enjoyed the details of her life
    and their marriage.

    I met her during the 1990s when we were vacationing at Provincetown, Ma

    Ringing their doorbell, Norris answered. Before ushering me into
    their beautiful home on the water, she called Norman, saying, “Honey, there’s someone at the door who would like your autograph.

    She brought me into the dining room, every room facing the ocean, and he gave me what I had asked for.

    She was beautiful and gracious, and I regret that she is gone.

  • Ted Burke

    I met her briefly at a Norman Mailer book signing for “Oswald’s Tale” I helped organze in San Diego, and she was indeed radiant and beautiful. She appeared to have quite an effect on everyone who managed to talk to her that evening. Her passing is tragic not because she was so young, but it halts what could have been an interesting career of her own, as both writer and artist. My condolences to the Mailer family.