Tobacco Warehouse Temporarily to House Art Exhibit

Vice Media, in conjunction with United Visual Artists, is building a structure inside the Tobacco Warehouse that will serve as the origin of some sort of visual artistic display. Karl and his cam were on the spot to get the story. Video after the jump.

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  • http://j lois

    Karl’s in the right spot again. Thanks, Karl I’ll have to check it out myself when the installation’s complete.

  • A Neighbor

    Last weekend it was the Burger Bash — noted chefs raising money for charity. Now this. This, it seems to me, is how the TW ought to be used — to celebrate our borough. A stage for creative work, a helping hand for fund-raisers, a play area for children. It should be used as a beacon for the borough — to invite all kind of Brooklynites to our park — not closed off to all but maybe a thousand theater-goers a year.

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    Not to get into a debate again over an issue that is best left alone, but that noted “Burger Bash” you mentioned was hardly a neighborhood event for the average Joe. The price of admission was $250 per person. Surely you aren’t arguing that this is what you intended for this PUBLIC space.

    You forgot to mention that the summer is over and the tent skeleton was up for the entire summer. Maybe you consider the metal tent skeleton a work of art but many do not. If you remember, the St. Ann’s proposal had a dedicated outdoor space for public use.

    I must admit, I’m still ticked off about this loss but, for the most part, I have moved on. I’ll try to be a gracious loser but it ain’t easy.

    Let’s agree on this, this event by UVA is perfectly suited for this area and the added plus is they contributed to the Brooklyn Bridge Park kitty to show the exhibit. (I think this is the case anyway.) A win win for the park and the public. I believe the first showing is Wednesday but not absolutely positive and will last approximately 10 days.

  • A Neighbor

    No, I don’t think that tent supports are art. Don’t know what the story is. Someone I know has been told by several event planners that they have put so many restrictions on using the TW, they wonder if Regina really wants anyone to use it.

    Yes, the Burger Bash was a fundraiser with expensive tickets. But let’s remember it was raising money for the NYC Food Bank and Share our Strength — for hungry NY’ers (including Brooklynites, presumbaly.)

    PS My question isn’t about Saint Ann’s. But why the decision was made to turn the TW over to any private group. Somehow the fact the public will get some ‘dedicated outdoor space’ in exchange for giving up a significant piece of the park doesn’t carry the day for me.

  • Livingston

    My sentiments exactly, Karl.