Buh Bye: Z-7 Diner

The Z-7 Diner at 115 Court Street is kaput. A BHB reader sent us photos of a “For Rent” sign in its window along with this observation:

Only made it a year, if that. was yogo monster before. long time ago it was a samurai sam. place is cursed! landlord is abe gerges, supreme court judge who got sent anthrax in the mail

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  • Josh G

    The only places that fare well in that stretch are the carbtacular health-absent joints like Checkers, Popeyes and McDonalds.

  • Matt

    I thought Samurai Sams was good! I don’t think I ever saw a single patron dining at the bizarrely named “Z-7″.

  • JMD

    I ate there once, and although it wasn’t horrible I thought afterwards “I’ll never go there again.”

  • C.

    Surprised this place lasted as long as it did. Too soon to call it cursed. Something good will be in there by summer.

  • Jorale-man

    Yes, I went there once too and was surprised how amateurish it seemed. I wanted it to do well but it seemed like the owners weren’t trying very hard.

  • H

    This was a good inexpensive diner with homey food and friendly staff.
    I used to love going to lunch there. I’ll miss it.
    I used to love Samurai Sam’s too.