Plymouth Church’s Underground Thrift Store Now Open

Plymouth Church is now hosting the Underground Thrift Store Sundays from noon – 4pm. The market features designer clothes for men and women as well as everyone’s favorite “bric-a-brac”. A quarter of the store’s net proceeds will go to the “fight against human trafficking and modern day slavery.”

More info on Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Plymouth Church

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  • caroline

    It has some gorgeous items at the moment including some really nice menswear. check it out on Sunday.

  • val

    Anyone know if they take donations?

  • mlo

    glad to hear procedds are going toward fight against human trafficing…

  • lori

    Yes, they take donations. Check out the website Underground organizers are especially interested in expanding the housewares and jewelry—i.e. those fun and irresistible accessories and objects that dress up the store and encourage sales. Also being added to the inventory are – NEW! – CDs and DVDs for all ages, not just children (but no videotapes, please). And, of course, the Underground is always delighted to receive your good quality clothing for men, women and children. Bring a bag of donations to the Church House lobby during regular hours (be sure to ask for a donation receipt).

  • nabeguy

    This sounds like a very worthy cause, but I’m having a difficult time making the terms “bric-a-brac” and “human trafficking” gel in my mind.

  • Snakehead

    Oh, and where do the other three quarters of the stores net proceeds go?

  • GHB

    How will this impact Housing Works?

  • David on Middagh

    Housing Works does well in the donations department, attracting supporters from not only the Heights but Cobble Hill and maybe beyond. Being open seven days/week has made HW a convenient choice for many. I volunteer there of late, and wish both shops the best success.

  • PPont Joan

    Plymouth Church is a well known, well respected neighborhood institution that has been around for almost 150 years. It is an open, transparent organization. Plymouth Chirch accounts for every penny spent, does not use the money for rent or staff and is completely accountable to the IRS.
    Housing Works is a chain, and no one really knows who is really behind it or where the money goes.

  • epc

    What a disgusting, ignorant smear of Housing Works.

    Annual Reports: (including IRS filings and certified audited reports).

  • PPont Joan

    I prefer not to support top heavy organizations where the majority of the profits go to paying administration, staff, and top dollar rent in prime retail space in luxury neighborhoods. Rent on Montague Street , the going rate is $12-$18k per month. Jumping over nickels to get to pennies.
    I choose to support true neighborhood based charities that donate almost all their profits and have very low expenses, not top heavy politically oriented groups with staffs and Boards,
    Besides, the merchandise at Plymouth Church has been exceptional, Housing works, not so much.
    Members of the Plymouth community have been very generous with donations and time to get this started. Donations are very welcome. They are vetted to assure quality.
    Plymouth Church has a long history of 150 years of fighting against slavery, starting with the Amistad in 1839/40 and being central to the Abolitionist movement. It is more than fitting that 25% of profits go to organizations working to end human trafficking. The rest goes to other charitable organizations and the PCS scholarship fund.

  • David on Middagh

    PPont Joan, you’re quickly making this thread an argument about Housing Works. Is that what you wanted?

    I have twice been to the Plymouth Church shop, and am looking forward to returning. I love options!

  • AL

    I found the Plymouth shop to have:

    RUDE help,

    Mediocre merchandise, and

    High prices.

    As does David on Middagh, I like options. However, at this point, I’d say Housing Works is the better choice.

  • caroline

    There are lots of new options in the store for sunday. Check out the posts on facebook of new merchandise