Open Thread Wednesday 9/28/11

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  • Teresa

    I called Henry’s End last night to inquire about a reservation for tonight, and there was no answer; the website says they’re open Tuesdays. Does anyone know if they’re open for business?

  • San

    We are looking for an apartment to rent in BH over Chistmas for our out of town parents, anyone going away and looking for responsible subletters?
    Drop me an email:


  • DrewB

    I’m curious if anyone knows what the workman are doing on the east facade of 1 Brooklyn Bridges. They’ve been working on the facade for several weeks. For the first few weeks they seemed to be working on the cement, putting down some sort of green material (waterproofing sheets?) and then skim coating concrete back over it. Now they are on window washer rigs and seem to be working on the window caulking. Are they having major leaking issues over there or something?

  • AL

    What’s an appropriate tip on a $100 massage at a place like Element in Cobble Hill? (The massages at E are very good. And, the space is lovely and scrupulously clean.)

  • Livingston

    Okay, since it is open thread Wed., here is my general complaint to the world:

    What is it with people starting to enter or leave the subway, and then stopping on the stairs mid-way to continue their cell phone conversation or text? And they are always hugging the rail, thus forcing anyone else trying use the stairs to go around them, sans rail. Can’t they finish their “important” business before starting to hit the stairs? Seems to be happening just about everytime I’m in the subway system.

    I’m nowhere near geriatric, but I am recovering from a knee injury and like to have the added security that having my hand on the rail brings. Plus it’s just plain self-absorbed rudeness.

    There, I’ve vented.

  • beth

    Does anyone know what is up with the lights being off at night on the Montague end of the Promenade? Not sure if they turn on later but during a run last night around 7:30pm that end was pitch black. Tried to convince myself that it was FINE but actually pretty creepy and felt unsafe. (If just for the possibility of tripping over uneven concrete that I can’t see.)

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    A few quick thoughts on Oh My Pasta, which I tried for the first time this week:


    – EXCELLENT Italian food. Very authentic (my point of view coming from that of a grandson of Italian immigrants), fresh, not greasy/oily or too heavy.

    – Large portions.

    – Vast menu, decent wine list with cheap options.

    – Very very very affordable (especially for BH).


    – Definitely still working out the kinks in terms of service/wait staff (our pasta came when we were still working on salad).

    – Decor is a bit cafeteria-like. A little too bright. Lacking ambiance.

    VERDICT: The cons are heavily outweighed by the pros, in my opinion. A place with a dumb name and sub-par ambiance is something I will gladly take in exchange for great food at a reasonable price.

    I know this short review will incite OMP’s detractors, but if you live in the Heights and haven’t been, I highly recommend giving it a shot.

  • Master Of Middagh

    @Livingston- You are so right. I see that at the High Street station all the time. People having conversations on their phones WHILE BLOCKING THE STAIRS. I think the problem is that some people think they live in a television show and that the rest of the world has been “blocked” to move around them, so the thought of being in somebody’s else’s way would never even occur to them.

    I normally nudge them as I pass while declaring loudly- “Not the best place to stop for chat!” They have to learn…

  • Elmer Fudd

    More condos = More rude, self-absorbed yuppies living here.

  • Knight

    @Livinsgton: looks like the MTA’s answer is to let them continue their conversations in the subway. Not sure how safe that is or what happens if AT&T is not your normal service provider, but it is in place in some stations already.

  • Heightsman

    “New” Fortune House = same owners (I asked last night)

  • Eric

    @ Beth: I noticed this too and just filed a request with 311

    In other news, yesterday Bloomberg signed off on the Atlantic Avenue BID (from BQE to 4th Ave). Via Twitter: “Mayor Bloomberg signs legislation creating 2 new Business Improvement Districts on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn and in Chinatown in Manhattan”

  • Peter

    Another vent: Why can’t people wait for the light on Remsen St. & Court St. two women walked into the side of my car and started yelling at me ! GRRRRRRR!!! LEARN HOW TO CROSS A STREET IN NYC PLEASE !!!!

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    My understanding is that Fortune House is not the same owners. The girl taking orders is the same but that is it. The food is much different with new cook. I have been ordering take out from there for ages and will no longer.

    More condos=more services and better restaurants in the nabe. Plus nice expensive housing to observe.

    I’m anxiously awaiting the conversion of police station on Poplar and the demolition of the corner building on Middagh and Henry once the Daily Eagle newspaper exits. Bring on the condos.

  • harumph

    O.M.G. – so unnecessary to do a display that close – my teeth were chattering with each explosion. absolutely ridiculous. funny, my kids are getting use to sleeping through the errant firework displays now…shocking, really, considering how loud it was last night.

  • Y

    Anyone wants to have some fun walk down to BBP after 1 AM. If that’s too early you can try 6 AM. Use the entrance for Pier 1 next to the Barge Music.You will be surprised how big brother is watching you. Reminds me of the Berlin wall.

  • Wrennie

    Another issue with the High Street stop–particularly the exit off Cranberry Street–is that tons of tourists use it. They get to the top of the steps and then stop dead in their tracks, looking around like bewildered idiots for the Promenade or the Brooklyn Bridge. I don’t care what city I’m in around the world–I don’t walk around like I’m on a different planet. People need to wisen up–or at least walk a few feet before looking around like bewildered idiots.

  • Wrennie

    Columbia Heightster–thanks for the thoughts on OMP. I’m in the camp of thinking the name is offensively bad, and am generally not a fan of ambiance like you’re describing…but your food review makes me think I’ll probably give them a shot via takeout.

  • Heightser

    Just saw Mary Stuart Masterson with twin babies in the nabe. Does she live here? First time I’ve seen her.

  • DrewB

    You should change the name of this feature to Whining Wednesday. Just a thought. :)

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    I saw MSM a few weeks ago. I don’t think she lives in the Heights but somewhere close by. I saw her husband a year or two ago. He guest starts on Army Wives.

  • Andrew Porter

    DrewB: I was in the former Empire Fulton Ferry Park (now part of BBP) and the fumes from the work on the BB were overwhelming. I also realized how large a footprint the carousel has in the park, and how ultra-modern the building housing it is. Nothing like having an ultra-modern building in the middle of an area noted for its historic structures. The gleaming reflective structures around it and the name “Jane’s Carousel” in the pavement [!] are just so over the top.

    BTW, use of the Carousel horses is restricted to those under 225 pounds. Can’t wait for the overweight to start breaking it down…

  • Andrew Porter

    Beth, I was on the Promenade at 10pm a week or so ago and the lights were also out on that southern part, and it was Really Dark. Made me regret giving away my telescope a couple of decades ago… Anyway, the lights came back on about 15 minutes later. I wonder if they cycle on and off because of an electrical fault?

    DrewB, maybe you’re referring to One BBP, the 360 Furman St building? I wonder if they’re having problems with all the rain we’ve been having?

  • nabeguy

    Karl, unless the landlords start lowering their rents, you could build a million condos and it wouldn’t make a difference. Look what happened after they put up the Cadman Plaza housing…we got Gristedes.

  • Homer Fink

    Homer needs to get his car inspected … now … need recommendations… I know where *not* to go…

  • PJL
  • Livingston

    @Elmer Fudd:

    “Rude and self-absorbed” seems to come in all social stripes these days, not just the “yuppie” variety. It appears to be increasingly standard behavior in this Facebook/Twitter society.

  • BH

    I saw Peter Sarsgaard early yesterday morning at the Clark Street subway station… thought he lived in Park Slope, but he was dressed very casually and carrying a cup of coffee, so who knows.

  • GHB

    I live in the Heights, but have used stations in Park Slope. Your point?

  • DrewB

    I second New Excel. Been going there for years. Jok (the owner) is the great!